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Treatment of Leaky Gut Syndrome - The practical case

Treatment of Leaky Gut Syndrome - a case described the patient as follows:

Since April 2010, I know I Leaky Gut Syndrome had a. diarrhea, mucous stool, joint deposits and fatigue symptoms were clear. Conventional medicine could not help, but an alternative medicine in our area had with me a IGE test (blood test) done and told me what foods I should avoid. An immediate (six weeks) gut renovation with Glauber's salt in the morning and base powder in the light from the evening for me right now right diet brought improvement.

the leaky gut syndrome treatment

14 days ago, I learned the "Symbiontic cure" to know of Dr. Niedermaier and have completed this treatment at present. In the first week, it went really good to me - after the treatment, so now I can feel the toxins in my joints again. This is my blood anemia, which runs even longer (stressed! - perhaps all other causes I've checked through a medical school).

I am now using "natural vital" an iron supplement with high bioavailability (including vitamin C).

Iron is taken up at that stage at all, or would be appropriate in this case a syringe? During my research on Leaky Gut Syndrome and Intestinal rehabilitation, including liver detoxification I came across your website.

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