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What do you all do to your liver

Modern folk illnesses such as obesity, type two diabetes and high-cholesterol levels appear to alcohol currently ranked as the no one killer liver begins.

According to Michael Mann, liver expert at the Medical University of Hanover, is the fatty liver is no longer due to unruly drinking alcohol only.

An unhealthy lifestyle is responsible for the storage of fat in the liver. It concerned is already a myriad of federal citizens.

Claus Niederau, liver expert at Catholic hospital's oberhausen explains that the liver is affected by light ultrasound examinations looming. If one can view it directly, would be wobbly and yellow fat, which accumulates as such recognizable. In this still incurable good early stage, the cells of the liver suck full of fat, the liver to grow and increases with further progression of their weight many times. According to Niederau, every second of his ambulance by a visitor become fat liver is taken. Not even children are spared from it.

A warning in the form of pain does not get the person concerned. It falls below the fatty liver also (silently) further away, so the real liver tissue shrinks and closer together, while the fat percentage is growing. The body is no longer for liver detoxification capability. The liver cirrhosis has occurred. This stadium is possible by conventional medical view is no remedy. The only way out (the medicine): a liver transplant.

What Does the Liver Do

A lofty cholesterol, obesity, and especially high liver values ​​should therefore, not be dismissed lightly. Symptoms such as fatigue, bloating, impaired concentration, or poor performance may be an indication of the so-called fatty liver.

However, now the good news: even severely bloated liver can be achieved by weight reduction, bring a healthy diet and exercise after a few months back to normal.

Who should be awards to the alcohol, the liver time to time by alcohol-free weeks to give the opportunity for regeneration?

Simple policies in the way of life and an increased awareness of the signals the body to help secures the liver to protect them from obesity.

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