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Vegetables against cancer

We knew it all along: A healthy and balanced diet can make a valuable contribution to personal well-being and the prevention of disease and the same goes for cancer in general - not only for colon cancer.

The proposed cancer researcher Dr. John Croy nutritional approach promises not only ill, the risk of cancer to reduce significantly, but also stop the growth of tumors. His findings are based on the proven from him "TKTL-1 gene that is responsible, according to Dr. Croy, for the spread of cancer cells. Sugar is the main nutrient of the gene lacks this, can also prevent the cancer spread to his, said the doctor.

Incidentally, may say that sugar (meaning the sugar) considered one of the most harmful products.

Incidentally, Dr. Croy's weapons against cancer are called fruits and vegetables. It contains vitamins, trace elements; minerals and phytochemicals inhibit the growth of cancer cells.
It attaches particular importance to the cancer doctor present at the fabrics' resveratrol, quercetin and Salvestrols, which can be detected mainly in fresh fruits and vegetables.

Dr. Croy is generally recommended to the consumer, to original, non-cultivated fruits and vegetables to use. In preparation should be limited to frying, steaming or baking. The boiling in too much water destroyed the major mediators.

Fruits and Vegetables protection against cancer
According to the cancer researcher should cabbage on the menu are missing and not be eaten up to four times a week. Thus, the risk is of getting breast or bladder cancers to decrease significantly. It is a careful preparation, if possible; a steamer must be found. Furthermore, eaten raw cabbage is a real mineral spring.

Tomato recommends that the physician fully. In addition to antioxidants include tomatoes rich in vitamin E and beta carotene. A special feature lead to Dr. Croy that contained Lyopin can develop its full effect only when heated. He, therefore, recommends that preferably pureed tomato soup or concentrated tomato paste in the menu.

For centuries, the health benefits of onions and garlic is known. Special importance to the fight against cancer is to the sulfur compound allicin. The fabric can be formed only when the tubers and small cuts can rest on a while optimally, a combination with oil. It tolerates heat; the valuable material is not.

Citrus fruits, the doctor recommends for the general strengthening of the immune system. Furthermore, they can increase the effectiveness of plant compounds by one adds the freshly squeezed juice salads or desserts. Moreover, fresh berries are considered the cancer inhibitor. Blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and black currants can as well be used frozen.

When seasoning the food recommends Dr. Croy the plant material of turmeric prevents the formation of metastatic cancer cells, bringing the death. He remains in the body longer when seasoned with additional pepper.

Well, many things in this post you have probably already read somewhere. The only question is: do the same?

If you already know to do not at present what you really want to implement now read but simply my " diet formula "- which consists of only four words.

And a note to the fasting should not be missed, of course: Fasting, in my experience offers a good opportunity for a break to allow the digestive system. At the same time, your body "from the inside out" ... feed the associated " cleansing effect "I've been sufficiently described:

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