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Fast against cancer

Fasting for cancer? In view of these considerations suggest the vast majority of doctor's hands together above his head:

"Let this be just!"

Either way similar statements I have heard and read more often.

How do you justify for this knowledge?

Experience of fast doctors and practitioners, such as by Rudolf Breuss (known by the Breuss treatment ) show that fasting helps in cancer.

I am grateful for any research that deals with this issue because it shows up: Fasting has positive effects.

For example, studies with mice showed: A fasting during chemotherapy can favorably affect the course of recovery. If a fasting accompanies chemotherapy, chemotherapy is better tolerated the chances of the recovery increase.

The fight against cancer growing

Until now, most doctors were assuming that the side effects of chemotherapy cannot be prevented, because "to represent a complex system" means the healthy body cells.

Fasting would be an easy way to make healthy cells more resistant - this took place in the American approach, researchers in a series of laboratory experiments. The scientific evidence provided the research team led by Valter Longo's from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles as early as 2008. For this purpose, mice were first injected with cancer cells and then subjected to a high dose of chemotherapy drug. The mice, the two days were not fed before, survived the attempt. The normally fed mice seriously ill or died.

A striking experiment. This result is essentially because good cells and tumor cells respond differently to food deprivation: Cancer cells grow, healthy cells shut down their metabolism. This makes them resistant to harmful influences from outside.

Researchers also found an explanation for this effect: Certain receptors involved in cancer development are influenced by caloric intake. Metabolic processes are accelerated or slowed. These findings went ahead with other experiment's mice. Research team had discovered that more often with high-fat diet fattened mice suffering from cancer precursors than mice who were given low-calorie diet.

In another laboratory experiment, the scientists, their argument also underpin the basis of experiments on human brain cells. Cells were told by the reduced supply of glucose better protect against the effects of chemotherapy agents. The cancer cells responded (as expected) are much more sensitive.

Of course, it is always questionable how and whether such results can be transmitted to humans. Cancer patients can hope, however, that they tolerate the effects of chemotherapy in the future better if they have previously fasted for two days.

The study leader Valter Longo has so far collected findings as the basis for successful treatments for premature. It first had to be proven in long-term clinical studies that cancer patients are really helped with the accompanying chemotherapy fasting could. Against self-tests is even expressly warned.

Well ... What then?

First, I think it was previously problematic when patients with no prior knowledge "just so" fast. You should already know what happened there and to expect one.

If you know that but I also recommend certain cancer patients certainly modified variants of fasting. For this purpose, you should consult an experienced manager Fast. As an introductory work to make my fasting instructions recommend.

Second: What Cancer Patients with the diagnosis to lose?

No less than their lives.

In view of this, I think we need to deal intensively with the topic of fasting in cancer.

Third, I would make less time worrying about whether fast "dangerous" could be. Rather, I would ask myself as a cancer patient asks what the chemotherapy brings about?

Because: As for survival in metastatic carcinoma of the colon, breast, lung and prostate, there have been over the past 25 years no significant progress!

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