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Neck Lift

Look younger by neck lift?

In a neck lift, excess skin and fatty tissue or tissue, including remote surgery at the same time, the neck muscles reshaped and sewn so that the neck contour and provides a harmonious whole rejuvenated appearance.

First signs of aging are often unsightly wrinkles of the neck, reminiscent of a so-called "turkey neck" means the skin is wrinkled and misshapen acts without elasticity, and the neck. Here we recommend a neck lift. Furthermore, as part of a diet in which much weight was lost, may develop excess skin, which will as well be removed surgically.

A neck lift can be performed with a double chin correction in combination. In this case, is first to remove fat under local anesthesia by the finest Liposuctionsnadeln extracted (see also: suck fat ).

The neck lift is carried out according to the size after the operation under a local anesthesia or general anesthesia. Usually, a day planned stay in the hospital.

During the operation, not just the excess skin is removed and tightened, but also shaped the neck muscle and re-sewn, as it is often through the relaxation is no longer in its original position. Depending on the degree of relaxation of the muscles and how many muscle strips must be corrected, a three to four centimeters long transverse skin incision from the chin may be necessary.

Thanks to modern surgical techniques, such as the endoscopic method, the sections usually be kept very small, so barely visible scars are left. Often, the cuts may also in the area on ​​the scalp are set up so that scars much less noticeable.

The patient himself can make its contribution to the fact that the scarring will remain as unobtrusive as possible and a good surgical result. After the operation shall be continuous for about one week a bandage be worn around the neck. Two more weeks, they applied only at night. On alcohol and nicotine should be avoided. An unhealthy lifestyle and high-fat food can make a great result quickly dashed.

The operation does not present any "extraordinary" risks, which cannot occur in other cases: bleeding, bruising, infection or poor wound healing can never be completely excluded. In some cases, it can cause temporary numbness.

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