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Gastric Banding

Gastric restriction by gastric band

The stomach stapling is not among the cosmetic surgery. A gastric band is part of an "obesity surgery used to help people with massive disease-related overweight when removing support. By the bond capacity of the stomach is reduced to food intake drastically, resulting in a significant reduction in caloric intake should result.

The surgical procedure is performed without general anesthesia and takes about two to three hours; the laparoscopic gastric banding is performed through the abdomen into the stomach. It is there placed in the upper third of the stomach around the stomach around so that it is divided into a fore stomach and a residual stomach.

The capacity of the fore stomach is a maximum of 30 ml recorded food enters first in the rumen, where it generates an immediate feeling of satiety before it merges with the rest of the stomach. Any attempt to include more food, then this leads to vomit.

The gastric band is adjustable so that it can be increased in case of complications or after a successful inspection, the capacity of the fore stomach. The setting is only performed by a physician.
In general, the gastric band for a very long time is left in the body. Barring complications, a life-long fate is possible.

The use of a gastric band is subject to strict criteria. In general, it is only used for people with a Body Mass Index (BMI) over 40 kg / m². The preponderance must exist for several years and have held several intensive tests, the preponderance of other ways to reduce long term, including under medical supervision. The weight should already have health problems result, such as joint problems, heart problems, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, etc.

Basically, to examine whether the excess weight has a medical cause, for example in the form of an adrenal disorder or dysfunction of the thyroid.

Essential for an operation is the willingness and especially the ability to completely change eating habits to their own and especially to a healthy diet switch. The gastric band prevents the incorporation of large quantities of food, however, the acceptance by liquid or semi-solid desserts are nullified.
It is important to remember that the operation under general anesthesia is risk free.

The cost of health insurance are not automatically accepted. Required is a special application that is associated with an appraisal. There is no guarantee of reimbursement it, even in supposedly not medically justified.

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