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MACA - Stark for life and strong for the love?

The aphrodisiac effect of Maca is considered legendary and supposedly still some areas of the Andes are the rule, only married women and men who consume Maca plants that can. We will include the South American plant as the Viagra of nature "means" as a cure for impotence as a panacea for increasing endurance and performance.

The ginseng of the Andes

Lepidium peruvianum or Peruvian ginseng as the Maca plant is also called, comes from the family of cruciferous plants. , Despite the often stormy plains of the Peruvian Andes at altitudes of 3500 to almost 5000 meters. The above-ground, herbaceous parts through the plant are used as vegetables. The small tubers are fresh, dried or crushed into powder consumed.

Traditionally, the potato baked in an earth oven, along with apples and beans made into stews or cooked, the dried maca to a pulp. In modern times, it refers additionally as Maca Maca pudding and drinks (Maca-Chica) use. The bulb is ideal for stockpiling and was thus for the local population into a valuable commodity.

Traditional folk medicine and modern nutritional supplements

In folk medicine, Maca is considered a tonic and aphrodisiac. The specific health benefits come from the tuber. It is just like our very starchy potato and therefore, a sensational energy. In addition, it contains many minerals, vitamins and traces elements. Maca is rich in iron, zinc, potassium and iodine.

As a dietary supplement in the form of concentrated extracts in tablet or capsule form and as powder Maca is now available for us. In this case, the products of various tuber following properties are ascribed to the increase in sexual performance is attributed to the high content of arginine.
Maca plants medicinal

Maca is designed to increase fertility and libido. Phytosterols with estrogenic effect to help with menstrual and menopausal symptoms. Vitamins and minerals such as zinc, but also the catechins and flavonols increase in general stress tolerance of anti-oxidative effects and the ability to host defense. An improvement in sentiment is on the salary? Carbolines returned.

As with many folks, remedies rest on the application and the effect on experience.

Some effects have been shown in animal studies (effect on spermatogenesis). Nevertheless, these are not necessarily transferable to humans.

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