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Edema Treatment

Edema is the irregular swelling of various parts of the body due to the retention of fluid in body tissues. For the most part, if doctors pass on to edema, they have a discussion about swelling of the lower legs or ankles. Edema is not a disease itself. To a few levels, it is a sign that may be linked to illness or injury, or may merely be related to an improper way of life.

Pulmonary edema is the growth of fluid in the extravascular space intemperance of the lungs. This accumulation can steadily be manifested as an affected individual with occult renal failure, sudden or dramatic, as in a patient with left ventricular failure after acute myocardial infarction. Pulmonary edema more often than not presents with shortness of breath.

The causes of edema are many. Edema is a symptom by large amount inflammations. Insufficient heart action by congestive heart failure can cause edema. A too high intake of salt can cause general water retention in the body. Sitting and eminence long in one position can cause edema of the lower limbs. At a standstill session life without exercise can cause or aggravate edema.


• High blood pressure
• Headache
• Press the skin
• More pools
• Palpitations

Treatment and prevention

If you make out you are prone to endure from edema during pregnancy, avoid your spotlight. Your diet is a most important part of the healing of edema during pregnancy.

You should be getting enough protein, but also attention to your sodium ingestion. Too little sodium in your diet can lead to muscle cramps. However, as well many leads to an increase in all forms of edema, including pre-eclampsia.

the edema treatment guidelines
There may be frequent causes of edema, but the most common reason for edema is the venous disease. A blood clot or deep-vein thrombosis is another communal cause of edema. During pregnancy, women hold moisture causing swelling. There is no need to treat edema, such as the swelling will disappear. In women, the monthly menstrual cycle may cause edema, but no treatment is considered basic.

At in progress we have discussed what can cause edema, we can take the cure for the disorder. If a sufferer edema caused by single of the less serious conditions and diseases, an easy diet changing treatment salt is of course important for health, but too much salt in the diet can cause harms - individual of which may be edema, because salt can cause water preservation. Decrease the amount of salt in the diet, if this is the case.

Edema can be treated relatively easily and is always healing. With a simple diet change, such as reducing salt intake, edema can be arranged in severe cases, however, the doctor my diuretic drainage of excess fluids and salts. Bed rest or even increase the legs for a certain period each day can do the trick.

Postpartum edema is a condition in women who have just given birth to feel big and bloated. There are also some uncomfortable parts of the body that feels like it is swelling. It is normal to feel it in your breasts and belly. Some women feel it in their legs and hands.

All that the cause of people suffering from water retention using medications that have to do to help with bloating and eliminate excess water from the system. Calcium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate and Pepto-Bismol, three over-the-counter medications that can help deal with water bloating. There are also natural remedies that can be used to help, such as herbal diuretic tea.

Characteristic edema may affect the feet, ankles and lower legs. These areas will tend to accumulate more moisture due to their relative positions in sitting and standing. Edema is also known to impact other parts of the body when this happens, a systemic symptom.

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