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Edema Home Remedies

Swelling or edema is fluid accumulation in some strange body tissues. The growth of the fluid may be under the skin - usually in designated areas such as legs (edema of the ankles or peripheral edema) can accumulate in the lungs (pulmonary edema). The position of edema can provide maintenance instructions in the first look at the main cause of fluid accumulation.

Causes edema

The sense of balance and regulation of fluids in the body is very complex. In short, the cause of the edema is defined as the simplest possible, that the small blood vessels in the body (capillaries) leak liquid into surrounding tissues. This excess fluid cause's tissues to swell.

The cause of the leak fluid into surrounding tissues, the result of different mechanisms, for example:

Excessive force or pressure in the arteries;
a force outside of the blood vessel causes the liquid drawing, or
the wall of the vessel in danger and cannot maintain balance.

Each of these three mechanisms may be involved in a variety of diseases or disorders. Examples include the following.

Pregnancy Edema during pregnancy may occur because pregnant women have a greater volume of fluid circulating in the body, and because they also hold more moisture. A woman is as well likely to have been swelling postpartum.

edema during pregnancy home remedies

Drugs: Edema can be caused by a variety of drugs, steroids, for example, calcium-channel blockers (CCBs), thiazolidine, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), estrogens, etc.).

Liver disease and / or kidney disease: The two bodies are of vital importance in maintaining fluid balance in the body, and if the illness is present in one of these organ systems, an edema may develop. Examples include: liver cirrhosis, chronic kidney disease and acute renal failure.

Venous insufficiency: This is a common condition where the blood efficiently to the heart of return of peripheral areas of the body (e.g. ankles, legs, feet, hands), resulting in edema. This generally results in edema of both legs.

Heart failure: If the heart is weak and cannot pump blood efficiently, blood will pool in parts of the body, leading to leakage of fluid from blood vessels into surrounding tissues.

Pregnancy Edema during pregnancy may occur because pregnant women have a greater volume of fluid circulating in the body, and because they also hold more moisture. A woman is as well likely to have been swelling postpartum.

Symptoms of peripheral edema include swelling of the affected area (s), causing the surrounding skin to "make safe." The swelling of peripheral edema depends on the severity (it will increase or decrease with changes in body position). For example, if a person lying on the back (back), the swelling does not appear in the legs, but come into view in the area over the sacrum. The skin on the swollen area seems tight and shiny, and often when pressure is applied to the area with a finger, a mark appears. This is called pitting edema.

Home remedies for edema include:

Jump into deep water: Exercising in the pool, a drug to restore to health this problem. This is due to the water pressure to force excess water from tissues into the bladder. It is advised to exercise caution in the pool at a temperature of from 80 to 90 degrees Celsius if a woman pregnant, avoid water above 100 degrees.

Avoid diuretics: Despite the fact that diuretics are efficient in flushing water in excess in people with liver disease, heart or kidney , they as well cause return to normal edema. Uninterrupted use of hormones will set in motion the salt and water withholding and stopped, these hormones are activated and cause water retention.

Minimize salt intake: Avoid foods high in salt, such as hot dogs, burgers, pizzas, etc. They contain a very lofty salinity and let the liquid remain in the kidney of the body have a chance for them, what's on Divorce 24 hours?

Exercise constantly: Exercise has been shown to reduce water retention by removing water and salt through perspiration, respiration and higher urine output increased if you sat for a long time, up and down stair or every hour. You can furthermore attempt the subsequent exercise: spot the toes descending then raise them as high as probable at the pump of the calf and also foot muscles. You can as well amplify your hands on.

Increase fluid intake: Water moves through the kidneys and the bladder through which urine watery. It is easier for the kidneys to flush watered-down urine with salt. Natural water is the best choice as fruit juices, sodas and colas have salt.

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