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Cosmetic Surgery - The second chance?

Beauty Now you can. Schönheitsops be popular and get in the press and especially on television more and more space. Since I am in great demand by younger girls how to lose weight, they might think I'm so my thoughts ...

The first reason for subjective viewing I must say this girl: "With you there is nothing to lose."

The second reason: many overweight people are playing with the idea of surgery: gastric banding or vacuum grease.

Many of the obese have been many diets and some real "diet-career" behind him - and I admit it: the suffering of many patients is really high.

The times seem to fit, in which were early wrinkles, plump hips and crooked noses as fate. More and more women and men also use the modern ways to reconcile with each appearance and self-image.

The pursuit of beauty ...

The quest for flawless beauty is a human need, on one hand caused by ideals that need to be copied, on the other hand, created in the wake of today's successful company that is satisfied with a little simpler "clothes make the man."

Rather, numerous studies show that attractive people climb the career ladder much easier than their disadvantaged in terms of beauty people. It added to the propagated by the media obsession with youth, a person over 35 is almost the "Committee" as declared.

According to the sociologist and gender researcher Nina Degele of the University of Freiburg, it is also the typical in today's superficial contact people interact; the outward impression of enormous importance attaches to.

The desire to be beautiful and desirable, is not a phenomenon of the modern lifestyle company, but was plagued centuries before the minds of men. The only difference then is that these days, there are ways and means to help his appearance on the jumps of course, also subject to the desirable ideal of a change in time. So twisted the busty Brazilian model Giselle Bundchen once not only Leonardo di Caprio's head, but sat by the way also a new trend in cup size, in particular, in Latin America by the remarkable increase of breast enlarging operations proved himself.

Plastic surgery all over ...

Which plastic surgery is desired in which expression is often regionally different? While people seeking surgical or retread part, in Germany rather fixated on a natural result, slides that desire in the U.S. eventually into an extreme.

This is expressed, for example, in oversized, with the rest of the body proportion's hardly harmonious breasts or in up to the breaking limit of the tissue sprayed "frog lips" that are in contrast to the almost caricature artificially conjured.

However, the flourishing business of cosmetic surgery. A recent Forsa survey for Stern magazine showed that especially the tummy tucked, buttocks or thigh lift ( saddlebags ), and liposuction correction of puffiness and slip lids and the desired. That a part liposuction carried out in Germany with approximately 150000-250000 of the most common interventions. However, these less innocent than one might suspect.

The Association of German Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons has determined that nine percent of all liposuction leads to problems in an already person have died after surgery. However, smaller operations such as a face lift or neck lift, carry risks and should not be trivialized.

A Cosmetic Surgery is not a haircut ...

The fact that plastic surgery is not a haircut, should lead everyone in mind when considering taking such.

One has to question the self-critical, whether it is worth taking the risks and what is the benefit that you draw from such an operation.

Is the suffering really so high that it justifies the intervention?

Furthermore, it is of enormous importance, confidence to find a doctor, who is also a specialist in plastic surgery and is designed accordingly so. Fewer well-trained doctors, because cosmetic surgery can ring the cash register and legally, should be even urologists for breast surgery, collagen injections, skin rejuvenation, removal of grease, etc. make available, without incurring a penalty.

So if you do decide to have embellished his appearance after a thorough risk-benefit balance should visit at least in the best hands.

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