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Why is Love always related to the Heart symbol and Human Heart shaped?

I believe that the heart is in the middle of all the vital organs of our body. Did you know that without even breathing until your heart is still at work / shop, you will be able to live in? But the real question is why the heart is connected to a single sign / symbol of love why not change the characters or parts of the body?

When I first heard this question from my friend it is true; I wondered and according to some historians, is a heart-shaped symbol, which is to love and worship here already man.

However, the icon and the real thing to share anything in common at all a really heart-shaped yellow / red football, and the symbol of a heart drawn in a stylized form. Generally, the color red, bloody, passionate and strong feelings, and also suggests a romantic poems, Valentine's Day and chocolate boxes.

So this character is not even close to the appearance of the human heart. However, we consider that the binary humps atop a stylized heart without distinction to the male sexual organs, organs, Director of the form to remember, but instead of the round. Alternatively, equally well to describe the human female body, plus the women's reproductive health, side dish, Sumerian cuneiform, or the top of a hill and some of the similarity between the number of woman's buttocks or breasts.

Some historians say, the possible origin of the shape of the heart, is the seed pod. Silphium, a kind of fennel seed, which is clearly the heart-shaped, but has killed more than two millennia. It can be seen engraved on coins of the ancient city of Cyrene.

The Greeks whispered that the gift set for the Apollo (Archer God of medicine and healing, light, truth, an importer or a death-dealing plague, also known as Sun-god of Greek mythology). Plant appears in the heavy rainstorm flooded the city Cyrene. However, evidence silphium was used much earlier in Egypt and Libya as well. Diversity of medical applications and scarcity, was considered "worth its weight in denarii" during the Roman era. Eventually, they harvested crops to die.

And why is the seed pod itself can be treated as the Premier symbolizes love and romance? Perhaps because silphium was the most important ingredient for effective natural birth control medicine time. It can be worn as an herbal contraceptive or abortion. So, the appearance may have been related to sexuality
and love.

And also, is the "heart" shape formed by the wings back and dove, which is associated with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love.

Other symbols of love:

Wine and candles: Usually used in romantic settings for intimate celebrations, birthdays, especially if associated with other symbols of love.

Rosemary: It Used also represented loyalty and remembrance.

Lips: with passion, kissing, and a pair of lips painted bright-red lipstick print from a closed love.

Cupid Roman God of love, Eros in Greek mythology, represents the winged son of the bow and arrow, which pierced the victim's heart so that they fall in love. A heart pierced by an arrow: Shot by Cupid, or Eros, when a person is passionately in love. And it explains the pain and the joy of love.

Arrow: Symbolise's power, distribution, Touched love and a deep wound or scar, who loves to go.

Broken Heart: It often symbolizes the loss of love, dismissed or rejected lover
and the pain of this. The term "broken heart" is used to extreme sadness and grief.
Chocolate: It is said to be better than flowers, It's a romantic connotation, gift
her lover. Rather than an alleged aphrodisiac, properties related to it is called.

Chocolate: It is said to be better than the flowers, it has romantic connotations ~, gift lover. And alleged aphrodisiac properties related to it is called.

Mistletoe: Christmas time, at the bottom, to give everyone the opportunity to kiss you.

Wedding rings: Correspond to permanency, "in anticipation of death do us part," and also the Union, and being together.

Roses: Red roses are a symbol of love and passion. White roses represent virginity
and purity. Yellow Roses be a sign of jealousy and infidelity.

Jasmine: A strong smelling white flowers worn as a Hindu symbol of love.

OsramNe Nsoroma: Adinkra (West Africa) representation of love
with an asterisk (female), and the moon (male).

As a consequence, I think the heart-shaped sign is the best icon, which can be a symbol of love. And the details of history, makes it more valued. So subsequently instance you fall in love, give your heart to the spot on justice it deserves.

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