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Medical Symbol of Caduceus

Snakes on Staff Kris Crossing The caduceus is simply known as a staff topped by a button flanked by wings. In the Caduceus staff criss-cross two snakes make their way to the top. These symbols are almost always associated with the health and well-being and holistic lifestyle. History of the caduceus medical caduceus is the name given to a group of former symbolic sticks to 2600 BC in Mesopotamia. This is the land between the Euphrates and the Tigris, and has been colonized since 4000 BC. This saw the old world cultures of the Sumerians; Assyrians and Babylonians develop. An interesting fact that the health dates back to 3000 BC, an overview of the dependence of the old natural healing and regular goodness of the aesthetic elements. The word shampoo is called the root Sumerian Sha 'who is Empowerment "maker sexy" means. In those days, it would have been a mixture of herbs, roots and mud of the river.

Caduceus medical symbol

In 2600, these people have learned the art of glass making, and most of the amulets, beads, and jars were made of this compound. From 500 BC, to about AD 400 caduceus symbol has been widely recognized. He has seen a resurgence in popularity after the medieval period from the 14th century AD.

the medical symbols

Walter Friedlander and Caduceus for the historian Walter Friedlander medical caduceus as the symbol goes back to the beginning of the 20th century BC. Friedlander tells it this way for the adoption of the caduceus as the symbol of the medical corps of the U.S. military. Before that, he argues that it would be used in the printing industry as a badge. The editors used in reference to the divine messenger of the information or of Mercury and its staff of Hermes. It was a symbol followed by the 19th century a medical publisher has been well noted wand at each of its publications. Metaphorically, the ball on the top staff may be the axis mundi or turning the concept of the world in terms of Akkadian and Sumerian Mesopotamia. These same people snakes are most likely to represent the gods' snake half man and half figuratively. There are versions of this story, and those derived from alternative historians have Zecharia Sitchin are not as forgiving mythological connotations with more mainstream historians accept.

Caduceus medical symbol

- DNA Today the world learned that the genetic structure of human beings is a double-stranded helix of DNA, and suddenly the meaning of the caduceus medical symbol is in spite of more esoteric or mystery. Some modern scholars even believe that the nature Caduceus Triptych of consciousness and the evolutionary process in which humans were created symbol. The ascent of the serpent of the caduceus, in a figurative staff to explain the rise of consciousness of the reptile or lizard bird, a mammal to be. However, it's just a pretty symbol of a pair of snakes crawling through it a slimy pile until you make a beautiful jewel.

The golden wand of medicine, this is how the medical attentive symbol, or the golden wand of medicine as it has come to be recognized in our time is generally appreciated. Caduceus holistic health and well-being means, even if it sometimes works as a sign that the wearer is very close to that seriously needs medical attention as is the case with those who wear medical alert bracelets.

the medical symbol

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This bracelet individual uses a different symbol called the doctor Asclepius.

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