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Grossest Medical Stories

These true stories of medical phenomena point to a number of the most unpleasant diseases, and accidents never documented. It is legally binding to note that most of these stories share the theme of parasites, and invasion into the body. Such a piece of classified and personal self - the body, appropriate the prey of a creature, definitely sends shivers downward your spine.

# 5 Beetle Boy

This strange and disturbing true story from a little Indian boy named Chandan Goswami 13yearold. Chandan's dilemma is that urine life full of beetles in his urine after hatching the eggs in her body. This Reuters story in 2003 said that the eggs were hatching a fistula (passage leading from the body cavity to the outer surface), near the groin of Chandan. The main objective was to find the egg to destroy them. Unfortunately, it was reported by Chandan's treatments proved ineffective, and there is no solution for now ....

# 4 Worm living things in the eyes of the child

A patient of five years of the Republic of Honduras was a major nuisance in the form of a red bump on his eye. Believing that evil to be a cyst or growth, the Group of the U.S. Air surgeons who were treating him were surprised to find a worm living entrenched in the wound.

The boy had slight Myiasis (fly infestation in the human body). The worm was the human botfly larva; it is of a type known to lay their eggs on cattle, but rarely in a place like a human eye. Botfly larva was extracted from the anterior orbit, and its operation accomplished by putting the boy to sleep and cutting of the conjunctiva, where the larva was removed.

# 3 Bosom Infestation

the gross medical stories

This is one reported case from Nigeria ....

We report a 70-year-old woman who presented with a history of several weeks of itching sinus relief right chest. The sinuses enclosed wriggle larvae of C. cannibals. 14 larvae were extracted from the chest and sinuses moderately well recovered after extraction.

Yes, you read correctly. Within this woman had flown larvae living tumbu therein and extract. To achieve this is very uncommon but not impracticable. Auspiciously, the woman was capable of get better from the infection, and was cautious about extend deeper into her womb.

# 2 The Brown Recluse Bite

The brown recluse spider is notorious for its powerful poison necrotic, painless bite imperceptible (until the poison in the sets), and love dark places. This personal story I can relate to my mother, has since been bitten by a recluse spider a few years ago.

She was picking grapes friends garden, when she went in because of severe itching on her inner thighs. At first, it just looked like a regular rash, and she put ointment on it. Several days later the rash had turned into a dark-brown patch ban ruthlessly stung and itched. She went to the doctor right away and found that the poisonous spider bit her. She could get the bite treated in a very painful though (doctor uses a surgeon's knife to cut off the piece rotten infected) procedure.

She was very lucky compared to this man ....

# 1 First Aid by Stapler

This story when I read that I had doubts. Because I could not understand how this person might begin to go through its self-administered first aid.

When I finished reading it, I do not know whether to laugh or cry. Because I was disgusted, and amused at once.

When a man aged 40 came to a hospital to ask to see a doctor who specializes in "problems of men," it was shown toa cell. There he was carefully unwrapped three feet smelling, stained gauze from around the scrotum, which had been swollen to twice the size of a grapefruit.

Added during the inspection, it was discovered that his left testicle was missing completely, and anchored in the swollen, tender and weeping wound, a number of dark objects which the patient was admitted to a thumb nail basis of weapon's industrial base.

It turns out that man has used only until noon in the studio, where he frequently had sex the thrill of insertion his penis on the fan belt of cloth moving a piece of machinery. One day, the excitement made him lose his concentration and the fan belt tore his scrotum in the steering wheel, throwing him several feet on the ground and remove his left testicle. Rather than go to the hospital, self-administered first aid with a stapler and then continued to work when his colleagues returned. It was two weeks before he had time to visit the hospital.

After reading this story, a mix of emotions is understandable. The nature of his act, and then crazy decision to try to repair his act is both mind blowing ridiculous and hilarious at the same time.

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