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Hair Dandruff treatment, remedies, causes, tips solution

Origin of Hair Dandruff

As the skin, scalp renews itself continuously eliminating "dead" cell surface, or dander. This phenomenon is called flaking normally pass unnoticed.

When the elimination of these cells becomes more important, the scales are larger and thicker, clump together and become very visible, they remain attached to the hairline or fall on their shoulders.

Different types of films

Dry dandruff
Dry dandruff, sometimes called "tinea capitis simplex" (but unrelated to the fungus causing tinea versicolor), are small, white and falling "snow" on clothing. They are usually associated with a dry scalp.

Oily dandruff
Oily dandruff (or tinea steatoid) are larger, thicker, often yellowish. They occur on oily scalps with overproduction of sebum. Films agglomerate with excess sebum, to form a thick layer that sticks to the scalp and hairline.

Risks and consequences of hair dandruff

The presence of dandruff on the scalp, the accumulation of sebaceous secretions, lesions due to scratching, causing a "vicious" circle with inflammation that promotes superinfection with bacteria or fungi, and this increases superinfection dandruff .

Why were films in our hair?

When external aggression or internal disturbances irritate or dry out the scalp, it reacts by producing and eliminating more cells.

Local causes
Anything that irritates the scalp can cause dandruff: sweating, heat (sun exposure, use a hairdryer or repeated too high temperature), air conditioning or heating excessive exposure to dust laden atmospheres, coloring, poor hygiene of scalp, aggressive shampoos, often wearing caps, hats or "charlotte" gripping the hair in certain professions (medical or paramedical, food industry ... etc.).

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The poor condition

The scalp is very sensitive to hormonal changes during puberty, pregnancy, menopause or birth control pills, as well as poor diet, lack of sleep, active or passive smoking. Situations of anxiety or stress can cause dandruff.

Can you prevent dandruff?

The term hairy "leather" should not forget that it is almost as fragile as the skin and as such should not be attacked. Shampoos must rid the hair and scalp of impurities and accumulated sebum, but not excessive: products that dry the scalp, even if greasy hair, cause a reaction by increased sebum secretion.
We must not listen to the myth that recommends "not to wash your hair too not to attack the scalp" gentle shampoo more often, every 2 days for example, often used to control an easy dandruff.
Especially, shampoo should be rinsed and the hair dryer used at low temperatures.

With what should we not confuse dandruff?

It is easy to recognize films that should not however be confused with:
1- seborrheic dermatitis is an inflammatory disease of the skin and scalp; it is caused by hypersecretion of the sebaceous glands which encourages the development of a fungus that perpetuates and aggravates seborrheic dermatitis. Thick films are accompanied by red and oozing lesions of the scalp and often severe itching.
2- psoriasis is a skin disease causing dander in various parts of the body, including the scalp. The scales are thick and very limited. The existence of scaly lesions in other parts of the body (elbows, knees especially) helps make the diagnosis.

When to call your doctor?

When the films are very heavy or do not go away with dandruff shampoo. Or when the itching is hard to calm down, and very red scalp.

The doctor confirmed that it is dandruff and not psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis. He is looking for the cause of dandruff and offers treatment tailored to the type of scalp.

Rebel films can motivate a dermatological consultation because it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between simple and seborrheic dermatitis dandruff: in this case, medicated shampoo containing ketoconazole or ciclopirox olamine issued only on prescription are helpful.

What is the action taken against dandruff?

Must refrain from seeking to eliminate dandruff by scraping or brushing the scalp vigorously.

The supply of dandruff shampoos is particularly rich: you choose a gentle dandruff shampoo, preferably with frequent use. If dry scalp shampoos course have "special dry hair", it seems preferable to use on oily scalp shampoo hair greasy or normal but not too dry. Do not completely eliminate the sebum that normally has a protective vis-à-vis the hair and scalp role.

Parallel is taken to a sleep pattern and a balanced diet.

Prescription shampoo or products to treat secondary infection by bacteria or fungus, or to reduce sebaceous hypersecretion is the responsibility of the physician.

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