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When to seek medical attention for a heart attack?

If you have symptoms of myocardial infarction - a heart attack, contact your doctor, emergency room or emergency service immediately.

The symptoms can be a sign that a heart attack is in progress. If so, hurry to get given you the treatment that may limit or prevent permanent damage to the heart muscle. Every minute counts. In such situations it is better to contact your health care provider right away too much than too little time.

Unlike an angina attacks, this pain that persists at rest or after taking nitroglycerin. Otherwise you chest pain have many explanations, and fortunately the explanation in most cases a harmless disorder.

Warning signs that require action

  • Chest pain or tightness in the chest - usually located in the middle of the chest
  • Pain in the neck and jaw, possibly radiating from the chest
  • Shoulder or armsmerter that occur under natural or stressful activity, usually on the left, but can occur on the right or both sides
  • In women, it is not unusual with atypical symptoms: back pain, pain in the upper abdomen, pain in the arm or jaw without concomitant chest pain
  • Acute occurred and unexplained shortness of breath
  • Acute occurred and unexplained nausea, vomiting
  • Cold sweat, dizziness and possibly fainting
  • At up to up to 50% among women and 30% among men there are such general symptoms and no pain is the predominant pest

You do not have all of these symptoms. But if these symptoms do not disappear within 5 minutes, call your doctor or emergency services Do not attempt to drive yourself to the hospital. Do not take any chances to see the way. It may even be your path. Most people who die of a heart attack die within the first hour after symptoms have gone out.

Should it turn out that it was not a heart attack, so you and everyone enjoy it. It is not always easy to distinguish between harmless and dangerous chest pain. There are health professionals' job to figure out the pain, it's not your job.

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