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Sex after heart attacks

There is no need to stop being sexually active due to heart problems. But people who have had a heart attack, often need advice before they leave the hospital, to continue their sexual life.

Sex is often part of the normal life you should return to after a heart attack .

Resuming sexual activity is perfectly safe for most people. But many who have been hit by a heart attack, is afraid that the effort associated with sex can be a strain on the heart.

What happens in the heart by heart attack?

Soothing conversation
If you have had a heart attack, and you wonder if it is safe to resume sex, you should talk to your doctor. Remember that your doctor is well used to answer these types of questions.

A new study shows what areas people get before they leave the hospital, the mean for their sex lives, and how likely it is that patients resuming sex after they returned home.

Three out of four heart attacks can be prevented

The researchers interviewed 1760 people who had recently undergone a heart attack. They were then followed up one year after. The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Chicago, USA. The results are not yet published in a scientific journal, but, according to BMJ group presented by "the American Heart Association's Scientific Forum on Quality of Care and Outcomes Research in Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke."

According to researchers, it is safe for most people to have sex within a few weeks after a heart attack, but clarifying conversation with the doctor may reduce concerns. Your doctor can provide information about whether sex can create problems, and advice on what the patient should do if he or she is experiencing symptoms such as chest pain during or after sex.

Exercise and Heart Disease

More men than women
The results of the study show that there are more men than women get advice about sex before they leave the hospital. Yet they belong to discussing this topic with a doctor, a clear minority. There are also more men than women who have had some sort of sexual activity in the year after heart attack - 68 percent of men, compared with 41 percent of the women resumed their sex life.

The researchers found that if patients did not receive personal advice, it was between 30 to 40 percent more likely they largely stopped having sex after heart attack. The researchers stressed that more research is needed on the subject. They also point out that the reason for the differences between the groups could be that people who are most concerned to resume their sex life, frequently ask your doctor for advice.

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