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What is Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS?

PMS does not affect women the same way, but those who are greatly affected their daily lives are disrupted. Here are some tips from Serena.

Before the arrival of my period, it is common that I'm irritable, I have sudden mood changes or that I have a swelling in the lower abdomen. When that happens, my entourage is quickly aware and he likes to tell me "I'm having my period soon." He is absolutely right, but I'm too irritable to tell him, I refuse to say that my mood swings have no connection with my approaching rules. As this situation bothers me, I decided to look into it and find ways to reduce these symptoms related to the menstrual cycle.

What is PMS
Firstly, the premenstrual syndrome , or PMS, is caused by hormonal fluctuations that occur during the ovulatory cycle. Women with this syndrome are hypersensitive to these fluctuations. Even today, it is unclear why the SPM. However, some factors may be involved. Among others, women who smoke, are subject to a high level of stress, which do little exercise and sleep less may be more at risk. In addition, food can be a risk factor in the presence of PMS. For example, a diet rich in caffeine, alcohol, salt, red meat, sweets and / or some nutritional deficiency.

Alternatives to medication
When I was a teenager, I tended to systematically anti-inflammatory reducing PMS symptoms such as cramps and swelling. But recently, I wanted to find alternative ways to take birth control pills or anti-inflammatory, among other things, allow a reduction of symptoms related to PMS. So I turned to more natural ways. Doing research on the subject, I found that some changes in lifestyle can reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. First of all, exercise is an item that can reduce these symptoms. Fortunately, I already practice a competitive sport, which allows me to do exercise regularly.

The power
Then, another point should be working, or my power . As a student, I do not always have the opportunity to adopt a healthy and varied menu. This problem is also common among mothers, they have a busy life that affects supply. I scan the balances at the supermarket, what prevents me from buying certain foods more expensive. First, I had to make sure I take three meals a day at regular times and of course not forgetting lunch meal if I neglected yet important.

Then you need a good calcium intake and reduce intake of caffeine (coffee, tea, ice cream, chocolate and others). You need to consume foods rich in carbohydrates and dietary fiber (whole grain bread, fruit, vegetables, pasta and whole grains) and it prevents sugar cravings. In addition, reduce salt intake, avoiding to buy already prepared dishes, chips and soup commercial. It is also possible to replace salt with herbs or spices.

I also recognized the need to reduce the stress, I do not need to tell you that it is part of my student life. The approach of examinations, submitting work or all deadlines are a fact of my life. Better planning my schedule was a wise thing to do. So, I now tend to write everything that I do and I made my work as soon as I have free time. Mother's life may also be responsible ... to prepare for work, pick up the kids at daycare and concoct meals. Stress reduction is equally important. In addition, we need to encourage relaxation, some yoga or massages are very beneficial. For my part, I love taking baths.

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