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Ulcers Prevention

How canker sores occur?

Canker sores are commonplace form of isolated or grouped ulcers, painful measure a few millimeters in diameter and are surrounded by a red zone and inflammatory.

These sores are on the lips, tongue, inner cheeks, gums, palate or the back of the throat.
Canker sores of Behcet's disease are rarely isolated and the disease mainly affects other parts: eyes (inflammatory disease), gastrointestinal tract or genitals (genital ulcers).

With what should we not confuse canker sores?

Angina is acute inflammation of the tonsils, they are red, painful and interfere with swallowing. Antibiotic treatment is sometimes recommended.

Do not confuse canker sores with recurrent fungal (candidiasis), lichen planus or squamous cell carcinoma, cancer of the skin and mucous membranes.

Finally, and this is the reason for medical consultation is required for all canker sore, canker sores may indicate a more generalized disease (Beh├žet, pemphigus ...).

Is there a prevention possible?

Oral hygiene is a priority regular tooth brushing, rinsing the mouth with antibacterial solutions ...

Some foods should be avoided so as not to aggravate or trigger flares: nuts, apples, cheese, dried fruits, nuts, citrus, pineapple, red fruit acids (currants) ...
Dentures should be cleaned and adjusted to avoid injury.

Ulcers Preparing consultation

When to consult?

Canker sores can be the first sign of a more generalized disease. So do not conclude too quickly and himself a banal canker sore, especially if recurrence. A consultation with a doctor or dentist can look for other symptoms (damage extraoral) and diagnosis.'s Giant ulcer is a particular form with ulceration extremely painful and significantly higher (from 1 to 5 cm ).

What is the doctor?

The diagnosis is usually evident by examining the patient. Examination of the oral cavity must be complete and other events are to be sought by a thorough examination including skin and interrogation.

In case of doubt about the diagnosis, the treating practitioner or internist (physician specializing in diseases rather complex called "System") may prescribe additional tests, including blood. Biopsies (local taxes) are also sometimes necessary.

The evolution is generally simple without treatment, but may depend on underlying disease (cancer, infection ...).
Local treatments as anesthetic gels can relieve symptoms in severe forms, systemic therapy (corticosteroids or other) can be proposed.
How to prepare my next visit?

It is helpful to tell the doctor the circumstances triggering outbreaks of canker sores, as well as report any symptoms presented, although it may seem trivial (fever, skin lesions fleeting ...).

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