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The menstrual cycle, the secret weapon of women

While menstruation is often seen more as an inconvenience than a gift, they are still the basis of what differentiates women from men.

Headaches, cramps, irritability, buttons, breast tenderness ... It is a refrain that is often when it comes to menstrual cycle. In fact, all women experience these symptoms more or less during their cycle and especially near the rules. Other effects are ignored, because they are less easily identifiable, but yet they are common to most women. It is the influence of the cycle on emotions.

The ball of hormones
Our body produces hormones, messengers who are changing the way our bodies and our organization. Progesterone and estrogen in women during the reproductive system and menstrual cycle. These hormones, and we made ​​some changes to fluctuate to influence our behavior.

At the beginning of the cycle, during and after menstruation, when estrogen and progesterone are at their lowest level, the liquid accumulated in the body are moving to evacuate the kidneys through urine, hence want more frequent toilet. The woman would also be more vulnerable to viruses. Finally, nails are more fragile.

To ovulation, estrogen and progesterone rise gradually to reach their peak at ovulation. At this time, the cervical mucus becomes stringy and slippery to facilitate the passage of sperm. During this period, the metabolism is slowed and the effects of alcohol and caffeine can be amplified. Finally, the skin shines as hormones stimulate collagen production and skin hydration.

After ovulation and just before menstruation, high levels of progesterone are building our temperature. As we approach the rules, besides the sores of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) (headaches, bloated stomach, breast tenderness, etc..), We can notice that the hair becomes dull under the influence of hormones whose levels drop. Finally, some women have trouble sleeping.

The physical effects are measurable and visible. Psychological and emotional effects of the cycle is less clear because many factors can influence mood. Some studies have nevertheless put forward common characteristics. For example, ovulation, women in seduction mode: their choice of clothing, acute voice, smell thinner, their desire to please and a strong libido are features that have been observed . During menstruation, the sense of direction is at its best as estrogen and progesterone, which would diminish our sense of direction, are at their lowest.

Reverse the trend and optimize the cycle
Instead of undergoing the cycle influences on mood, it proposes to take advantage. The menstrual cycle is used to regenerate soil fertility every month to provide an opportunity for the woman to be pregnant. But according to her, when there is no pregnancy, the changes caused by the cycle are equally important as they allow the woman to create life in a different way, being creative in its relations and in its communities. It therefore identifies four phases during which certain skills and abilities are sharper? The woman can optimally exploit these talents cyclical.

Cycle, four personalities
In the early days of the cycle, during menstruation, the woman is in her meditative stage, more conducive to crop, to rest and letting go, this is a time when it focuses on the essentials and is open to new ideas. It has an intuitive creativity.

During the pre-ovulation, the woman enters its dynamic phase. It has a clear mind and a strong ability to concentrate. It is also a research phase, physical endurance and independence.

Around ovulation, the woman is expressive. She turned to the others. This is a phase of communication, empathy, help others and creativity emotional and relational. It is time to work as a team.

Finally, the premenstrual period is identified as the creative phase. The woman is inspired, identifies problems and solves them. It is a phase of self-affirmation.

Use daily cycle
When the woman does not cycle into account, it can act inconsistently with its current capabilities. For example, expressive woman is skilled in building new relationships, but it is difficult for it to achieve a high level of concentration, characteristic of the dynamic phase. The premenstrual phase is the ideal time to stow and order. Finally, it is easier to budget in the dynamic phase.

Use the full potential of its cycle and realize its optimal phases will help the woman to live intensely her femininity and be in harmony with its true nature. So it will use its secret weapon cycle to shine both personally and professionally, just by being herself.

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