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Osteoarthritis of the hip - Prevention and Consultation

Osteoarthritis of the hip - Prevention

With what should we be confused?

Do not confuse the pain of osteoarthritis of the hip, which is a pain "mechanical" with joint pain associated with arthritis (inflammatory, infectious, such as gout crystals by ...). The pain of arthritis is called "inflammatory." It is important and this early in the morning or at night also causing alarm.

Is there a prevention possible?

Prevention is to keep his joints, including limiting excess pressure.
Among the risk factors for osteoarthritis, overweight, certain professional activities (heavy lifting ...) and sports (dance, trauma) are the main ones that can benefit from preventive measures. It is therefore advised to lose weight if overweight, stay active with regular exercise and moderate beneficial cartilage, avoid lifting heavy objects or stay long in standing, and generally avoid making repetitive movements.

Osteoarthritis of the hip - Consultation

When to consult?

Pain is the indicator of worsening cartilage damage (osteoarthritis with active inflammation). It is important not to wait until the cartilage destruction progresses to consult. In addition, an emergency consultation is required when the pain awake at night or are accompanied by fever or inability to walk, it may indeed be a medical emergency.

What is the doctor?

The doctor suggests the diagnosis of osteoarthritis of the hip from the interview and clinical examination. The mechanical rhythm (movement pain, relieved by rest ...) and the location of the pain is important arguments. Clinical examination verifies the location of the pain (pain reproduction of the mobilization of the hip range of motion ...), as well as other organs and joints.

X-rays often complement medical evaluation. They may be normal early in the disease or show radiographic lesions osteoarthritis (decreased joint space, bone condensation, development of osteophytes or bone spurs ...). They also seek a malformation which can accelerate the progression of the disease.

Once diagnosed, the treatment of osteoarthritis associated with drug treatments to non-drug treatments. The objectives are to reduce pain and preserve joint function.

Analgesic treatment base called paracetamol or with anti - inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) in case of inflammatory flare (oral, penetration ...). Medicines are sometimes prescribed antiarthrosiques therapy. Reduction of support (relative rest, using a cane ...) also improves symptoms, as well as physiotherapy.
Surgery is a possible remedy in case of very advanced osteoarthritis of the hip and / or malformation. It is most often put up a total hip replacement (THR) or hip arthroplasty.

How to prepare my next visit?

It is important to follow the prescription given by your doctor, without changing the dosage or duration. Treatment is not always effective immediately and for the long term.
Advice lifestyle changes are also part of the treatment.

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