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Definition of Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer

Definition of stomach
The stomach is a pouch between the end of the esophagus and the beginning of the small intestine. Food digestion begins in the stomach.

Definition of stomach cancer
In 2005, according to the National Institute of Health Surveillance, over 6700 cases of gastric cancer were diagnosed. It is, by its frequency, 9th in humans and 13th in women.

Causes and origins of cancer of the stomach

Several causes have been identified:

The power
A diet high in salted or smoked foods increases the risk of developing stomach cancer. In contrast, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables reduce the risk.

The helicobacter pylori
It is a bacterium that infects the stomach. This infection can cause gastritis. Studies have shown that the risk of developing stomach cancer is 2 to 3 times higher among people who have been infected with this bacterium.

Personal history
Atrophic gastritis (precancerous lesions) increases the risk of stomach cancer, as well as the presence of gastric polyps, a gastric ulcer. History of gastric surgery also increase this risk.

Tobacco also promotes the development of cancer of the stomach.

Signs and symptoms of stomach cancer
Some symptoms should lead to visit. However, these signs may be caused by cancer but also precancerous lesions or other diseases. This explains the often stomach cancer is detected at an advanced stage of the disease.

Different warning signs of cancer of the stomach:

Pain in the stomach
Dyspepsia (slow digestion)
Loss of appetite

Treatment of stomach cancer
There are several treatments against cancer of the stomach:

Surgery is the main treatment for stomach cancer. Two types of surgery can be used in stomach cancer

Partial gastrectomy
Partial gastrectomy also called sub-total gastrectomy. It involves removing the tumor and a portion of healthy tissue around the tumor.

Total gastrectomy involves removing entirely the stomach. In this procedure, the surgeon will establish a continuity between the esophagus and duodenum.

In the same operation, we realize lymphadenectomy (on ganglia located near the tumor) to detect other potential cancer foci.

Chemotherapy is used in metastatic cancers of the stomach, that is to say when other distant organs are affected by cancer.

Radiotherapy is mainly used in cancer of the cardia and gastric lymphomas and rarely used in stomach cancer.

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