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Definition Cancer of the Cervix

Definition of the uterus

The uterus is a hollow, pear-shaped, located in the lower part of the woman's abdomen, between the bladder and the rectum. The embryo develops there from the fertilization of the egg to birth.

During pregnancy, the size of the uterus increases. When the woman is not pregnant, the uterus is small (a few inches long).

The lower the closer of the uterus, which opens into the vagina, the cervix is, tumors on the part of the uterus are called cervical cancer of the uterus.

Causes of cervical cancer

It can occur in all age groups from 25-30 years. It is not linked to hereditary factors, but an infection by a virus of the family of human papillomavirus (HPV), sexually transmitted.

Cervical cancer of the uterus, like other cancers, is not infectious. But HPV, he is. This is an extremely common virus which can cause precancerous lesions (dysplasia or condyloma say), the severity of which increases with time and, if not treated, can sometimes degenerate and form a cancer.
In contrast, women not infected with HPV have no risk of developing cervical cancer.

Prevent cervical cancer
A vaccine called "quadrivalent" was developed and placed on the market in September 2006 against HPV 6, 11, 16 and 18. A second vaccine called "bivalent" helps fight against HPV 16 and 18.

How do I know?

Cervical cancer of the uterus has the characteristic of being prevented by regular screening. Treated early, it is a cancer with a good prognosis.

Vaccination does not replace screening by Pap smear (removal of cells from the vagina and cervix) is the best way to identify, in the absence of any symptom (because very few cervical cancer symptomatic uterine), dysplasia or early cancerous lesions.

Symptoms of cervical cancer

Early symptoms of the most common cancer cervix are bleeding occurring outside the menstrual period, either spontaneously or after intercourse.

An abnormal increase in vaginal discharge can also be seen as a symptom, although in the vast majority of cases it is caused by other diseases or infections.

Cancer of the uterus in figures

An estimated 3068 the number of new cases. This cancer is the 22nd largest in terms of frequency, and the 10th most common cancer in women. In 2005, he was responsible for 1067 deaths.

Treatment of cervical cancer

Treatment of cervical cancer of the uterus based on radiotherapy and surgery associated or not with chemotherapy. The physician should consider a number of factors before deciding on the choice of the best therapy.

Radiation therapy can be administered "external" (as X-rays) or by "internal" (brachytherapy).

If the decision is surgical intervention involves removing the uterus, upper vagina, surrounding tissues, locoregional lymph nodes and possibly retroperitoneum (posterior portion of the abdomen).

Performed intravenously according to different protocols (based on platinum), chemotherapy aims to maximize the effectiveness of radiotherapy.

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