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Cellulitis Prevention Tips and Consultation

Cellulitis Prevention

What are the symptoms of cellulitis skin from a wound?

Skin swelling (edema), turns red (or pink), hot and painful around the wound, where it did not hurt at first. This is the characteristic equation in four points: redness, heat, pain, swelling (skin tension).

Where cellulite lies, the skin loses its flexibility and becomes colored yellow, green, pale or purplish.
Erysipelas is characterized by large patches of hard, bright red, while necrotizing cellulitis begins with a red painful swelling, which becomes purple and black As the tissue dies.

Danger today: cellulite face and neck
Professor Patrice Tran Ba ​​Huy (ENT surgeon) sounded the alarm in October 2008 due to necrotizing cellulitis (which destroy the tissues and the body) caused by dental poorly supervised.

Steadily increasing (one or two cases per week in specialized services), these cellulites are fatal in about 10% of cases. They cause half the time and scarring sequelae monstrous and final.

Dental spread of germs from the mouth into the neck and face, and they are multiplying so if we take fulminant inflammatory against pain (prescription or medication) without appropriate antibiotic coverage.
It is therefore necessary to check with her ​​doctor to get the prescription suitable for dental surgery: Pain and cons against infection. Rule is never to take only inflammatory and corticosteroids, and quickly check within 24 hours when the situation worsens.

Not to be confused with anything infectious cellulitis?

It is rarely confused if we take the four usual signs (redness, heat, pain, swelling), but scabies and eczema can be intimidating at first, as well as a leg ulcer (which tends become infected very quickly anyway).
Strictly localized infections (pustule or furuncle) is not a cellulite but can become. Tampering with a boil can cause cellulite.

Y is there a possible prevention of cellulitis?

Yes, the health of the skin in general, careful cleaning of the wound, good self-medication which is not conducive to infection in general.

Wound must be clean, wipe with clean water and soap, rubbing enough. With soaping rubbing off bacteria, eliminates rinsing. Sure everything that touches the wound as clean as possible. Dabbing dry with a clean tissue that you throw in the trash, then apply an antiseptic that does not cause allergy (iodine antiseptics station).

Keep up to date tetanus vaccination every 10 years making the booster vaccination.

Cellulitis Preparing consultation

Cellulitis: when consulted?

Consult a doctor immediately if bitten animal (snake, dog, cat) or human.
Look the same when a wound is deep, if left open or if the injury is in a place where healing is difficult articulation, all openings (mouth, anus, eye, for example).

See also when you are not able to clean a wound (gravel, glass).
See immediately, within 24 hours, if the wound becomes painful, if it takes a color not usual.

What is the doctor?

It is the point of the danger of infection. It cleans and proposes a treatment: topical antiseptic with or without oral antibiotics, depending on the spread of infection and germs likely.

Surgical cleaning is sometimes necessary in addition to antibiotics. Hospitalization of frail is often necessary because the brilliance of infectious germs home.

How to prepare for the consultation with the doctor?

Note the circumstances of the wound: Is a cut? With what (animal, rose, instrument)? Is it a bug bite?
Report your chronic diseases and their treatments, which can promote cellulite, such as corticosteroids and anti-inflammatory agents, as well as your possible self-medication.

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