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Bothered by the irregularity of your cycle?

You never know when your period will fall. Or how long they will last? You can not identify your fertile period from one cycle to the other?

You are part of women who have irregular menstrual cycles. Many things can cause irregular cycles. Do not worry, the irregularity is not an indicator of infertility can often correct. What should you do to regulate your cycle?

Firstly, the menstrual cycle is a cyclic activity of the endocrine function of the ovary resulting in the flow rules that lasts from 2 to 6 days, repeated rhythmically with an interval of 25-33 days. If your cycle varies from cycle to cycle over 5 days your cycle is irregular.

Throughout her reproductive life, it is normal for a woman to have periods of irregular cycle. These vary in time according to each woman and can range from 1 to 2 months up to 2 years and over. It begins in adolescence, when the body undergoes hormonal changes large and continues during the different phases of life to stopping the pill after a miscarriage, postpartum, while breastfeeding in premenopause.

Lifestyle can also have a strong impact on the menstrual cycle: stress, gain or significant weight loss, poor diet, the practice of intense exercise, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, caffeine or medications. In addition, polycystic ovaries, chemotherapy, lack of progesterone or thyroid disorders can also be the cause of menstrual irregularities.

The irregularity of the cycle is not always a disease, but is sometimes part of the body's response to a disruption (which may be positive) in the life of the woman.

Better understand their bodies and target causes
If you want to understand the cause of your irregular cycles, we must first know your own cycle. The sympto-thermal method is an effective tool to tame and understand the female cycle. This method of knowledge of the cycle, which can be used both for natural contraception increase the chance of pregnancy is taught in Quebec Serena, a non-profit organization that has existed for 50 years. The use of this method is simple and can identify the ovulatory phase by identifying fertile days and infertile days, and consequently to predict the length of the cycle. These observations noted on a chart to understand and perceive irregularities in the cycle and identify the phase of the cycle in order to be disturbed. This method also offers the possibility to better accept these transient irregularities that are part of the natural process of life. A great advantage of this method when used in family planning, and it can be used and be effective regardless of whether the cycles are regular or not.

When the menstrual cycle varies in length, it is usually the number of days before ovulation varies. Phase after ovulation is normally fixed for the same woman, between 12 and 16 days. If ovulation occurs earlier, we will have a short cycle, conversely, if ovulation is delayed, we will have a long life cycle. Even a woman who is regularly a good part of the year, there may be a few cycles longer or shorter than the other, here and there, especially in November-December or June to July depending on the experience gathered by Serena decades.

1.2 How do
After receiving a teaching sympto-thermal method and have observed several cycles, you can understand your cycles and if necessary, monitors Serena can help. Once the irregularity identified, it is possible that a change in lifestyle possible to improve your health and regulate your cycle. Here are some examples:

Food: Eat more fruits and vegetables raw whenever possible or very lightly cooked, legumes, cereals and whole grain breads. Take milk and dairy products low in fat. Choose oils first pressure. Drink plenty of water and avoid red meat, sweets and pastries.

Sleep: Listen to his fatigue and sleep necessary to wake up naturally at a time when we must stand. Remove all sources of light during sleep and sleep in complete darkness, as the degree of darkness during sleep has an impact on the cycle.

Exercise: Practicing strenuous exercise (sport, running, swimming or brisk walking) is necessary for physical health. It also produces an effect of relaxation and well-being and improves sleep.

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