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Arthritis - Prevention and Consultation

Arthritis - Prevention

How not to be confused with a flare of osteoarthritis?
1 - It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between a flare of arthritis and arthritis thrust, such as rheumatoid arthritis or gout.
2-articular infections are very noisy, feverish and painful they are medical emergencies, because it is difficult to heal the bone with available treatments despite progress.
3-Generally speaking pain and joint swelling are severe medical emergency because they reflect the intensity of the destruction of a joint. Articulation is destroyed "pushes" them; must therefore intervene to minimize the damage.

Are there possible prevention of osteoarthritis?
Yes. It reverses the onset of deformation and disabling pain but does not prevent the disease completely.
Preserve an early age his joints by limiting excessive pressure. That is to say, if overweight lose weight, especially in the fight against osteoarthritis of the knee. Avoid lifting heavy objects, standing for long.
Staying active as regular exercise is beneficial and moderate cartilage, limiting sports injuries or DIY.
Spare the joints during flares painful report an active phase of joint destruction must be limited by reducing shock and pressure.

Use a cane on the opposite side leg pain.
Physical therapy, out of painful flare are useful to learn and maintain a healthy joint.
Spa treatments are rehabilitative assistance with significant effects on the reduction of pain and discomfort (Forestier et al. 2009).

Osteoarthritis - Consultation

When do you consult?
When you experience joint pain, talk to your doctor for an accurate diagnosis and initiate appropriate treatment.

The early care and adequate time preserves joint capital, even when there is a genetic family.

How to prepare for the consultation with the doctor?
Take stock of the number of episodes of pain in the last month and effectiveness of medications that you have taken (self-medication is common and often poorly framed).
Consider also the context of the appearance of your pain (charging port, physical activity, for no apparent reason ...).

Finally, evaluate your level of physical activity and its possible reduction by sneaky painful limitation of movement.

What is the doctor?
The physician establishes the diagnosis of osteoarthritis.

It usually prescribed radiographs, which give typical results: reduction of the articular (joint space) due to the thinning of the cartilage, the cartilage in geodes, osteophytes ...

Outside of inflammatory, analgesic treatment is pain control and mobility to preserve the autonomy of patients. Paracetamol is recommended as first choice (maximum 3 g per day).

Anti - inflammatory drug (NSAID) orally or locally prescribed during painful crises and discouraged out of them. In case of permanent pain or intractable pain, recourse to opioid analgesics.

During episodes of pain, it puts to rest the painful joint avoiding too much seek: a hand splint for example, is placed temporarily. Local infiltration of corticosteroids may be prescribed at that time. Effective they are 1-2 months.

Joint lavage removes debris fell cartilage in the joint, but the analysis of international results did not confirm his interest (J. Avouac, communication to the Congress of the SFR, 2008).

In background processing, anti-arthritic help maintain cartilage structure but their effectiveness is limited. They have low analgesic action term, about two months after the start of treatment.

A lubricant can also be injected into the joint: it is the visco-supplementation with hyaluronic acid. These injections may be repeated, but they carry a risk of infection, as all intra-articular injections.

In advanced osteoarthritis of the hip and knee, not reacting more to medical treatment, joint replacement by prosthesis (artificial joint) is necessary to preserve the patient's autonomy. The surgery is called arthroplasty. Plasty joints has greatly benefited from the technological progress. But they are interventions of last resort.
A comprehensive care to arrive early avoids too quickly, if ever, at this stage surgery.

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