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Dietary sources of lipids Tips

Main dietary sources of polyunsaturated fatty acids

These are especially:
- Vegetable oils;
- Some nuts and nuts;
- Marine products including fatty fish from cold seas;
- Foods of animal origin;
- And many foods rich in omega 3.
Oils and foods rich in omega-3 PUFA:
- Rapeseed oil;
- Walnut oil;
- Soybean oil;
- Wheat germ oil;
- Safflower oil;
- Linseed oil;
- Camelina oil;
- Mayonnaise soybean oil;
- Walnuts, Brazil;
- Linseed;
- Wild salads such as purslane, lamb's lettuce;
- Non-hydrogenated margarines made ​​from some of these oils.
Oils and foods rich in omega-6 PUFAs:
- Corn oil;
- Sunflower oil;
- Grape seed oil;
- Hazelnut oil;
- Sesame oil;
- Soybean oil;
- Safflower oil;
- Sunflower margarine, margarine diet reduced;
- Sunflower seeds;
- Duck fat, goose;
- Black pudding;
- Pork chop.
Oils rich in both omega-3 and omega-6:
- Soybean oil;
- Wheat germ oil.

Fatty fish from cold seas and marine products rich in substances (called EPA and DHA) derived from omega-3:
- Mackerel;
- Salmon;
- Eel;
- Herring;
- Halibut;
- Tuna;
- Tarama;
- Anchovy.
and many foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids on the market:
- Oils, margarine, milk, cream, cheese, ham, milk, eggs, dairy specialties.

Main dietary sources of cholesterol
It is mostly foods of animal origin such as meat, poultry, offal, charcuterie, foie gras, fish and dairy products including:
- Brain, kidney;
- Sausage, sausage;
- Egg yolk;
- Foie gras, veal liver;
- Caviar, fish eggs;
- Shrimp, squid, cuttlefish, octopus;
- Butter;
- Mayonnaise;
- Beef;
- Boudoir biscuits;
- Cream, custard;
- Emmentaler.

Some foods rich in cholesterol but high nutritional value, such as eggs, shrimp ... must not be systematically banned if high cholesterol. They can be eaten in moderation (eg, two eggs per week or a dish of shrimp per week).

However, it is best to avoid foods that are less interesting nutritional and high cholesterol (such as offal, brains).

It is best to book yet festive dinners food rich in good unsaturated fatty acids such as foie gras and some fatty meats (duck, goose), but also very rich in cholesterol and high in calories.

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