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Anorexia nervosa Prevention and Consultation

Anorexia nervosa Prevention

What are the mechanisms of anorexia?

They are multiple genetic and environmental factors. Genetic transmission is high (around 70%). The frequent association with other mental disorders converges abnormalities affecting trade neurons. Many candidate genes are studied.

Over genetic vulnerability, necessary family context and environment. On the one hand the personal story feels more or less the person, and not pushing or beyond its capacity to adapt to events. On the other hand, every phase of growth of the individual involves a transient imbalance: internal organization and externally with the environment.

It is more or less overcome according to the genes activated then: adolescence is a risk period because of the many changes that occur there and reveal the underlying vulnerabilities. The psychoanalytic explanation suggests a conflict with the mother that the girl responds with a willful refusal to eat. This disorder of the mother-child relationship and the self-duality food would be more the consequence than the cause of a disturbed mental development among girls (even the mother who may be a former anorexic / bulimic).

Are there possible prevention of anorexia?

There has not yet. However, early detection can be the first eating disorders for better support, especially a family defusing early damage especially if such situations have already occurred in the family.

Anorexia nervosa Preparing consultation

When to see a doctor?

Should be consulted as soon as the first signs of anorexia: weight obsession, food or caloric value, refusing family meals, obsession with thinness, obsession with food intake, need to be physically active after each meals, frequent weighing, and when these periods alternate with periods of bulimia.

What is the doctor in case of anorexia nervosa?

In addition to the general examination, the doctor prescribed a blood test for assessing the biological impact (eg decreased blood potassium) and hormonal anorexia. It calculates the body mass index (BMI). When it is less than or equal to 15, it justifies hospitalization in medicine or in specialized because of immediate danger (suicidal crisis, serious medical complication ...). Hospitalization allows the refeeding.

Support the long-term anorexia mobilizes the doctor, a nutritionist, a psychiatrist, a team of psychologists and family, because the disease leaves traces even more pronounced in the behavior support has was late.
Whether or not hospitalization, psychotherapeutic and psychiatric anorexic and family is essential.

How to prepare for the consultation?

Note on a weekly dietary intakes of all the week and submit the weight curve of the previous months.
Must investigate similar behavior in the family.

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