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Abdominoplasty - Practical Information

What are the risks and disadvantages of abdominoplasty?

General anesthesia is safe today. Risks exist rather after surgery, mainly phlebitis and pulmonary embolism, where: sunrise early after surgery, wearing stockings during and after surgery and sometimes subcutaneous injection of anticoagulant therapy. Edema (swelling), ecchymosis ("blue") may persist for 3 weeks. Sensitivity protruding areas - became firmer appearance-over pubic may diminish or disappear over several weeks or months.

When an infection occurs, it is between the 4th and 8th day. It is manifested by a red scar and painful, with a yellowish discharge and abscesses. Most often these are bruises unnoticed at issue.

There is also a risk of skin necrosis.
Abdominoplasty is not a cons-indication for a subsequent pregnancy, even if it is logically preferable to set the desired intervention after pregnancy.

What are the time, cost and reimbursement of a tummy tuck?

The patient receives a quote "an act concerning medical and surgical aesthetic purposes" or signed by the surgeons to perform all or part of the operation. This estimate must be consistent with Decree No. 2005-777 of 11 July 2005.

Follows a period of reflection incompressible required 15 days crucial to informed consent of the patient.
The surgeon's fee varies between 3000 and 5000 euros, plus the cost of hospitalization.

Abdominoplasty is supported by Social Security in case of "major damage the anterior abdominal wall with deck partially covering the abdominal Hair: after weight loss in morbid obesity in the aftermath of bariatric surgery, postoperative or postgravidique. "The level of support is then always 100%. But it is 100% tariff authority said Social Security, ie 266 euros. This includes the act of surgery, surgical assistant, 3 weeks post-operative care, hence the need for the surgeon in charge of most cases of excess fees, more or less returned to the patient based Mutual and its signed contract.

Who performs the tummy tuck?

At the public hospital or private clinic accredited, the surgeon performing abdominoplasty must always have the specialty of "plastic surgery, reconstructive and aesthetic 'recognized by the Council of the College of Physicians.

Other surgeons are qualified to perform cosmetic surgery, but they are limited to the anatomical framework of the specialty in which they are enrolled in the College: maxillofacial surgery, for example.

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