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Mycoses Anogenital Prevention

With what should we not confuse a yeast anogenital?
With other diseases of the skin and mucous membranes: eg psoriasis, but these are rarely limited to the anogenital region.

However many sexually transmitted infections (STIs) give similar signs, especially as they are sometimes associated with mycosis: trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, etc..

The distinction between a fungus Candida albicans and other yeast or fungus is a medical exploration depth, which is not always relevant.

Is there a prevention possible?
Fungal anogenital are favored by maceration due to local humidity and folds (very deep in the obese), in addition to local irritation (tight clothes). We must keep the perineum drier: change of underwear if necessary, although wiping after urination and defecation. Cut, shave or pluck hairs between her legs give good results in repeat of fungus.

Avoid irritating soaps (at acidic pH), spray deodorants and tight underwear, synthetic. Underwear potentially contaminated by the fungus are washing more than 70 °. It can also be sprayed over an anti-fungal (powder or spray), place them in a sealed bag 24 hours, then wash.

Diabetic patients, correction of blood glucose is imperative for proper treatment followed correctly.

Mycoses anogenital Treatment

What is the doctor?

At what time consult the doctor?
Although they do not constitute a medical emergency, fungi anogenital must be treated promptly because of the discomfort and sexual implications. They are contagious, you must treat both partners to prevent recurrence. Screening for STIs associated fungus also requires early treatment to prevent complications.
In infants, the rash candida albicans is painful and uncomfortable for the baby.

How to prepare for the consultation with the doctor?

Accurately describe the symptoms experienced, date and circumstances of onset, presence of previous episodes identical. It should be noted unprotected in the days or weeks before, and that antibiotics would be consistent with the occurrence of ano-genital mycosis.

What is the doctor?
It examines the perineum, or chooses not to take samples to analyze microbes premises in question. The most common fungus candida albicans is obvious and does not require laboratory confirmation. Some doctors do with a microscope slide diagnosis immediately, but this is rare outside a gynecologist's office.

It may be necessary, however, to check the condition in search of unknown diabetes, abnormal blood or suspected cancer of deep infection with HIV or another STI, but only when general examination and the persistence of infection warrant.

Stool analysis may be necessary in some cases.
Once the cause of the fungus established, treatment is local antifungals for at least a week, more frequently, two to three weeks. This local treatment is aimed at patients and their sexual partners if any. The reports should be deferred until after the end of treatment, if possible.

Reseeding of the intestinal and vaginal flora with probiotics and prebiotics is desirable after antibiotic "devastating." The signs are significantly shorter.

Homeopathy and herbal medicine as well can be a useful aid in recurrence due to stress and hormonal cycle.

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