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Clean the skin: choose soap

Choose the right soap, what is it?

Just to have a clean and healthy skin, but also soft and hydrated enough ... In the middle of the wide range of proposed know, we sometimes find it difficult to locate. How to choose a soap, and according to what criteria? Focus on the importance of having one (or more) good (s) soap (s).

What is soap?

Basically, the soap used to clean and disinfect the skin to rid it from external aggressions (pollution, germs, bacteria, dust ...). But all know is not the same and all are not suitable for all skin types and all areas to be treated.

What soap chosen for its skin?

There are several kinds of soaps: toilet soap, transparent soap with glycerine, soap-based oil and Aleppo soap made ​​of olive oil, soap surgras enriched material fat (shea butter, sweet almond ...) and soap without soap or dermatological bar, based on synthetic surfactants.

Face, dermatologists are clear: better to choose a surgras soap or soap without soap. Indeed, the facial skin to be cleaned more than the rest of the body because of its constant contact with the outside world, the soap must not attack. Moisturising soap is the most recommended because it cleans well while avoiding dry skin with moisturizing agents. The second, less foam is ideal for atopic (allergic) or reactive.

Body, the choice is wider. Besides these two unscented soaps that can be used for the body in the case of a particularly fragile skin, you can now find almost all the scents at all prices and all properties: honey to sweeten, lavender to relax , milk to soothe ... Note that there are great perfumers and also set that can clean the skin by wrapping the scent of his cologne.

How do we manufacture soap?

By saponication. This is a chemical process where a fat mixture (usually an oil, fatty acids) and a base (basic product, usually caustic soda). One obtains a soap and alcohol "fat", glycerol.

Other chemistries used to manufacture detergents and surfactants that cleanse and also compete soaps.

Soap or soap?
You have to choose according to his soap skin type (dry, sensitive, normal or oily, atopic ...) and the area to be treated (body, face, private parts ...), but also the frequency of use. For if the real soap cleansing properties, soap poorly suited to skin type can be a source of irritation and discomfort. Thus, a soap can promote eczema or psoriasis, while another has the contrary effect on these pathologies.

The soap is always a reference?

Very degreaser, it is best suited to disinfect and sanitize the skin, especially the hands after work DIY or gardening.

But beware: the skin of the hands is also very fragile because very exposed, be sure to follow the stripping of a good layer of moisturizer adapted to prevent dryness and irritation.

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