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Why many keep their medications?

Before any authorization on the market (AMM), drugs are subject to  stability under standardized and internationally defined. These tests define their storage conditions.

The effectiveness of medications is guaranteed only if these conditions are met. They are essential to the proper use of the drug, eg, expiration date and shelf life, once opened the product (such as drops and syrups) are respected.

The drug have a limited retention period?

Yes. This delay is designed in special storage conditions required to set on the packaging (box and manual) drugs (art. R. 5143 of the Code of Public Health - CSP).

The expiry date is indicated by the month (first two numbers on the box) and the year (last two digits). Usually, the retention period is two years, but may extend to five years for certain products very stable.

The pharmacist ensures renew its stock based on this information, and the patient day to rid their medicine cabinets of expired drugs at least once a year.

How to maintain a drug?

Specific conditions are always clearly indicated in the package insert.
For example: "to be kept between + 2 and + 8 ° C" for vaccines, which requires placing in the refrigerator.

In the absence of specific mention, it is stored at room temperature prevailing, ambient means in temperate climates. Generally, suppositories, pessaries, creams ... are quite sensitive to temperature increases, while dry forms (capsules) are much less.

The medication should always be kept in its original packaging which protects it.

Any product whose appearance is visibly changed should not be consumed.

Where to store it?

Even kept in its original packaging safe, the drug is sensitive to ambient conditions. The atmosphere is very wet bathroom, places exposed to extreme temperatures (radiator, window, car) or too much light should be avoided.

How to transport the drug?

Drugs stored at +2 to +8 ° C must be transported in a refrigerated insulated packaging. Be careful not to freeze the product by direct contact with ice.

Drugs to maintain a temperature below 25 or 30 ° C or at room temperature, should never be stored in safes or interiors of automobiles, where temperatures are extreme.
It is advisable to place them in an insulated container unrefrigerated.

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