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Why are there so many forms of medication?

Forms of drugs because there are many different routes of drug administration: oral (by mouth) is the most used (80% of drugs), assault parenterally (by injection - injection), rectally, vaginally, transdermal, inhalation, ophthalmic and followed.

The active ingredient, that is to say the active molecule (paracetamol, insulin ...) that can be administered alone, it is added with excipients (lactose, cellulose, water, oil ...) which have no therapeutic activity but allow the formatting according to its particular route of administration.

What is the dosage?

Galenic pharmacy pharmaceutical is a discipline that can turn an active molecule into a drug administered to the patient.

The term comes from pharmaceutical Galen, physician to the Emperor Marcus Aurelius in the second century of our era. He left a large number of manuscripts containing formulations remedies he prescribed. At the end of their studies, doctors swear the Hippocratic oath and the oath of pharmacists Galen.

What is the importance of a pharmaceutical drug?

The goal of the pharmaceutical is to ensure the stability of the active ingredient, facilitate administration, optimizing its therapeutic efficacy, improve retention, reduce toxicity, facilitate proper monitoring of treatment (compliance).

Oral dosage forms (oral or = by mouth, in Latin) dominate the pharmaceutical market: the head, tablets and capsules, but capsules, granules, syrups, powders, drops ...

The tablets, pills, and potions are gone. Name (wrong) the "pill" actually applies to a tablet.

Parenteral forms (para "enteron" - the Greek this time - means not passing through the digestive tract) are essential when the active ingredient is destroyed by the digestive tract. These are injectable preparations, preparations for infusions, vaccines and recently implants, eg contraceptive implants.

Forms inhaled (breathed) are nebulizers, metered increasingly sophisticated fumigations have replaced the old ...

Forms are vaginal suppositories, capsules and rings recently contraceptives.
Forms are rectal suppositories, capsules and enemas.

Forms ophthalmic eye drops, ointments, gels ...

The transcutaneous route includes ointments, gels, emulsions, creams, and increasingly used the patch called "patch" in English stamp: e.g. nicotine patch used in smoking cessation .

The dosage is it not a marketing effect?

No. The progress made is significant dosage on the treatment plan. Thanks to them:
1) it controls the release of active principle with the sustained-release forms (LP), which means for example the patient one pill per day instead of three;
2) the regularity of treatment and therapeutic response have been improved, for example with patches and implants;
3) the patient's comfort is taken into account: for example orodispersible tablets for people with swallowing problems, insulin pens almost painless patches computerized painkillers to manage the pain itself;
4) soon active molecules will be conveyed in the form of liposomes or nanospheres directly and almost exclusively into diseased cells.

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