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What is a pregnancy test

Pregnancy tests detect the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG or beta-HCG). This hormone is secreted about eight days after fertilization the egg nestled in the uterine cavity. There are two types of pregnancy tests reliable: the urine test and blood test.

The reliability of urine pregnancy test is around 99%. The blood pregnancy test is often used to check the result of the first is 100% reliable. The prices of these pregnancy tests ranged from 7 euros to 20 euros.

When doing a pregnancy test?

Immediately after the presumed return rules: hCG is high enough to be detected by pregnancy tests. In the case of irregular cycles, it is advisable to rely on the longest cycle for the pregnancy test to not get a false negative result.

How to make a pregnancy test?

Urine tests are freely available in pharmacies and on the internet. Just soak up a small portion of urine test (tape, pen, etc.).. Depending on the model, the solid portion of antibodies ready to react with the HCG hormone will color a certain way or indicate clearly if you are pregnant or not. The results can be read in a few minutes.

In the case of a blood test, just go to a medical laboratory, with or without prescription, to a blood test. The results will be available in the day or the next at the latest. Only the blood test is reimbursed by social security, medical prescription.

What are the risks of pregnancy tests?

Blood tests are 100% reliable. The only risk is to do a blood test too early and get a false negative result. In the case of urine tests, however, certain medications or the presence of blood in the urine may indicate false positives.

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