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What are the risks / complications of episiotomy?

Episiotomy rarely causes trauma to the baby.
In addition to the potential risk of local bleeding or infection, it must be recognized that the muscular and nervous trauma (cut muscles and nerves) is systematic. Perineal pain and perineal hematoma ensuing weigh down the puerperium, more or less according to the techniques and practices in relation to delivery without episiotomy (which is still traumatic).

Episiotomy coupling makes it difficult (if not impossible) for several weeks, if not longer. We speak of dyspareunia (pain during intercourse). It is therefore important that the surgical repair of episiotomy is careful to avoid a disaster that will love the prospect of another delivery very hypothetical!

An inflammatory granuloma or endometriosis may appear later at the scar.

How to manage post-episiotomy?

An episiotomy usually heals well with proper care seat: wash or shower boc without pressure, drying hair dryer (less objectionable than the towel). Similarly, the systematic washing and drying carefully after using the toilet are recommended. Antiseptics are used only in case of infection.

Acute pain related to tissue section lasts about 5 days ... but this is only an average. Painkillers are prescribed by the doctor, if necessary, depending on the type of breastfeeding: anti-inflammatory drugs are the most effective.

Sex will not be accepted without full agreement of the mother, and very soft and controlled. Never force a painful penetration, never force a vaginal or anal reflex spasm.

Erotic games not including vaginal or anal penetration are left to the choice of partners during healing. If dyspareunia persists after a reasonable period of healing (three months for the tissues), we must review the obstetrician who performed the delivery, episiotomy and its repair. Knowing that the regrowth of severed nerves require 6 to 12 months, which is important in an area normally very erogenous (source of erotic pleasure).

Consulting a sexologist may be necessary for the episiotomy is not always responsible for dyspareunia: childbirth can be an opportunity to externalize a refusal underlying intimate relationships.

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