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The cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB)

The CEC is composed of two entities: the machine heart / lung circuit.
Heart lung machine (also called console CEC) carries the pumps, the arrival of fresh gas monitoring equipment and safety. It is a combination of precision mechanics, electronics and computing. On the console is installed circuit CEC. It includes several elements, disposable, plastic, of different natures: the pipes (or tubes) is connected to the cannula inserted into the vessels surgeon to drain venous blood and oxygenated blood return.

The pump receives the blood pressure of the venous reservoir and blows it into the patient's body through the gas exchanger. The oxygenator or gas exchanger ensures patient's pulmonary function during cardiac surgery (oxygen and release carbon dioxide). The filter uses arterial bubble trap and is responsible to remove all impurities and bubbles out of the blood oxygenator before being reintroduced into the aorta.

Work pro!
CEC is performed in 90% of cases by a technician CEC, that is to say, a nursing graduate of State (DE), under the joint responsibility of the surgeon and the anesthetist: "The perfusionist has a key role but it is a profession unknown. " Since the 80s, the CEC has been conventionally used in the majority of interventions through the miniaturization of equipment, which reduces the boot volume) circuit CEC equivalent performance. Thanks to these advances, the pump-oxygenator system is adapted to the size of newborns, and trauma intervention reduced.

Congenital heart surgery: details
It is about 3800 operations per year. Mortality was 3% all interventions combined. It requires highly specialized structures with advanced skills in:

- Prenatal diagnosis and maternity
- Pediatric Cardiology
- Surgery
- Resuscitation postoperative
- Service postoperative hospital stay

Only eight hospitals in France have sufficient activity to qualify for this expertise Paris with 3 centers (1800 patients, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Nantes and Strasbourg.

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