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Migraine Prevention

With what should we be confused?
With other headache: tension headache, cluster headache, chronic paroxysmal hemicrania or. And headache with drug abuse.

The only emergency is the exclusion of a subarachnoid hemorrhage, which is not so rare: 1% of patients who present to the emergency headache subarachnoid hemorrhage (Perry et al. BMJ. 2011 Jul 18; 343: d4277).

Mortality of this disease ranges from 25 to 50% at 6 months and 30% of survivors of disabling neurological sequelae in daily life.

Can we prevent migraines?
Yes, identifying triggers crises and avoiding them whenever possible.
Relaxation therapy or stress management are more effective if the patient adheres well and integrates with daily life. In some cases, the headache disappears spontaneously during life for no apparent reason.

Migraine Preparing consultation

When do you consult?
Faced with a recurrent headache, consult quickly to establish an accurate diagnosis, a prerequisite for effective treatment. The doctor guides if necessary to a neurologist. It can also contact an migraine, neurology specialist unit within a hospital.

How to prepare for the consultation with the doctor?
Can keep a log of crises over the past two months, with the triggering circumstances if any, the period of the menstrual cycle as well as medications to relieve pain.

What is the doctor?
The doctor confirms the diagnosis by examination and scrutiny. If the diagnosis is clear, no further examination is required. It establishes an anti-migraine. In case of serious doubt, the CT or MRI eliminate brain damage, bleeding ...

Personalized treatment of migraine is sometimes difficult to establish. The opinion of a neurologist and / or anti-migraine center is required.

Drugs have two goals: to relieve the pain of the crisis, limiting the emergence of new crises. Treatments crisis should be taken as soon as it appears immediately. These analgesics (aspirin and paracetamol), anti-inflammatory drugs and triptans.

In case of severe migraine, DMARDs Preventive take off crises. They are useful if consumption of drugs taken by crisis than 6 months for at least three months. These drugs reduce background seizure frequency by about 50%. The initial prescription is usually for a period of three months.

Treatments and magnetic stimulation neuromodulation are a specialized center.

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