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Listeriosis in pregnant women Prevention

What does the doctor face to listeriosis during pregnancy?
The effectiveness of treatment depends on its maturity. Early symptoms, a blood test for the presence of bacteria (blood), and signs of infection.

Antibiotic treatment is imperative in hospital with penicillins (ampicillin / amoxicillin) combined with another antibiotic. The treatment is suitable for patients allergic to penicillins.

This treatment of pregnancy does not preclude a possible infection of the newborn. It therefore triggers the delivery as soon as possible to treat the child immediately with antibiotics and limit the effects of this infection.

How not to be confused with listeriosis during pregnancy?

Morning sickness, a state influenza, toxoplasmosis.

How to protect against listeriosis?
Listeria abounds naturally in the environment and is very resistant to cold: The refrigerator does not stop its development, and freezing does not destroy it. However, cooking food heart at 68 ° C puts it out of harm's way.

There is no vaccine against listeriosis, only strict food hygiene avoid contamination. Thoroughly cook meat and fish, not to eat pate, seafood, seeds, sprouts, fish or crus of raw milk cheeses or soft. Raw vegetables should be thoroughly washed or peeled.

Beware of cross-contamination: if the rest of the family eats at risk for pregnant women, these foods or objects in contact with them can contaminate foods during pregnancy. For example: the knife, hands, work surfaces, storage box, etc.. Hand hygiene is essential for all.

Do not use the same utensils for foods and cooked foods vintages; adhere to all deadlines consumption. Leftover food and dishes must be thoroughly reheated before consumption. It should also disinfect the refrigerator once a month with bleach and a new sponge in many prepared foods warm and keep different foods in separate packages.

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