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Insomnia and anxiety Preparing consultation

When do you consult?
Should be consulted when insomnia is resistant to attempts to remedy as to bed earlier or reduce nervous stimulants.

This consultation must take place before the occurrence of any complication as major disorders of vigilance during the day or a depression.

How to prepare for the consultation with the doctor?
By the precise summary of conditions of occurrence of insomnia, recent life events that can be at the origin of anxiety and sleep disorders, history of diseases (thyroid, pain ...), and how which occurs insomnia (difficulty falling asleep, nocturnal awakenings ...).

What is the doctor?
He asks how insomnia occurs, research organic causes (physical illness), errors correctable lifestyle.

His examination is complete, research other symptoms of anxiety, such as palpitations or digestive spasms.

If insomnia is severe, a short hospital stay allows for an assessment of sleep in a sleep laboratory, with, in particular, the recording of brain activity night, called "polysomnography".

When anxiety is at the forefront, he treats as a priority, insomnia being one of its symptoms.

Mixed states of anxiety and depression are common, they are treated with drugs if they are average or severe and psychological support is not enough, as the control causes anxiety and stress (facilities and professional family, for example) and / or the correction of an unhealthy lifestyle.

This is a last resort that the doctor prescribed for a limited duration of medication to reduce anxiety (anxiolytics) or sleeping pills to induce a new sleep pattern.

Homeopathy can be attempted. Phytotherapy and aromatherapy are some of automedications frequent. Warning: plants have true pharmacological effects and their management needs to be guided by a competent professional, doctor or pharmacist preferred.

Are there possible prevention of insomnia anxiety?
Preserve his sleep is essential to avoiding such work at night or with very irregular sleep schedules. It should also reduce the stresses and avoiding getting into conflict situations both at work and in private life. Evasion does not reduce anxiety, on the contrary, a psychological treatment (cognitive-behavioral therapy, for example) is desirable to cope effectively with everyday circumstances.

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