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How to manage stress?

Born about 50 years ago, the word "stress" is used every day, st r ess because invades increasingly our daily lives, whether it is called positive stress, which makes us exist now awakening our body (with a doping effect naturally), or said negative stress alters our psyche and our physical and endangers our lives, especially if prolonged.

Stress wave to tidal

According to the definition of Agress (Association of research groups and study on stress and health), stress is the physical process, chemical or emotional, by exercising in the body, causes tension can become pathological . Insofar as the stress response of the body to a situation considered aggressive, we first deal with a physiological response. This reaction proceeds in three phases.

The first phase, initial or alarm is common to stress the positive and negative stress. Nervous system and the endocrine system produce hormones (including adrenaline and cortisone), while the cardiovascular system runaway. All causes increased blood pressure, rapid pulse and breathing, but sweating, redness, dilated pupils ... When this phase is relatively short and infrequent, it motivates, dope, overcomes its limitations , to adapt to changes, to be more effective. This is called positive stress. The athlete's starting line for example, or the lover (to) at the time of his statement ...

If the tense situation continues, you enter the second phase: phase of adaptation or resistance, in which the body remains constant alert ... until he eventually falter and fall.

It then enters the third phase, the exhaustion phase, during which the psychic energy reserves and body are overwhelmed and collapsed. It is at this point that it becomes very vulnerable. The person has a number of symptoms and behaviors directly related to perceived stress.

Beware of psychic and somatic consequences of stress

The impact of stress on physical and mental health differ from one individual to another. Indeed, the phenomenon depends on several criteria (physical, chemical, social, family ...), whose personal history of each individual and his representations of pleasure and pain. It is unclear why some people react more or less evil and more or less the same time constraints causing stress. Genetic factors and the ability (learned or spontaneous) to manage emotions, however, are concerned.

All organs may be affected by the persistence of hormonal imbalances, stress plant pathological consequences: headaches, stomach pain, hypertension, insomnia, back pain, myocardial infarction (yes!). We also know that stress has a negative effect on serious diseases such as cancer, and it alters the effectiveness of treatments. The cure is worse and longer to settle.

Of course, the mind is not still face repetition or perpetuation of stress as anxiety, addictions or mental depression are classic symptoms of stress. The news in recent months has provided examples of extreme stress leading to professional suicide by exhaustion.

Prevention is always better than cure for stress

The first treatment against stress is prevention through eviction or removal of stressful situations. However, the historical and social pressure is in the opposite direction towards more daily tensions. Soulimani Rachid, president of the Agress, then said "it is not a cure for stress, but prepare for the future of a society that is becoming increasingly stressful." Should therefore find ways to live with and make an asset rather than a handicap ...

For this purpose, four important points to emphasize: education, prevention when possible, a good diet (not toxic but a vitamin supplement if necessary), a healthy physical (sports, exercise) and mental (fulfilling relationships, leisure, culture and joy of simple pleasures). Even if they do not have the power to eliminate stressful situations, those conditions of life can effectively fight against negative stress and avoid collapse.

Out of the besieged citadel

Stress is often feel stuck in a besieged citadel. To leave a review with the doctor is desirable. Anything that can correct and counteract stress should be implemented, such spaces Recovery and contentment (valves!) Before considering medication to reduce stress-related symptoms, as there is a risk drug dependency if the situation persists.

The doctor treats all stress responses (hypertension, cardiovascular fragility ...). Psychotherapy support, particularly cognitive-behavioral therapy, give good results and are intended to anticipate stressful situations and manage them better. It is also an opportunity to see an entire way of life unsuited to the deepest needs of the person. It is not insignificant that psychiatrists note addictologists currently expanding an addiction professional or personal stress, stress tended to performance and perfection ...

How do you know when you are stressed?

It is constantly stressed, because stress is a natural constraint necessary adaptation to the conditions of life ... except when the stress becomes tedious, repetitive, inescapable and undesirable. This is actually the inability of our body and its functions to adapt to these difficult tasks that will generate a situation known as a simplified, negative stress generator diseases.

Are there periods more favorable stress?

Paradoxically, it is often in the preparation of a period of rest and relaxation (vacation) that the individual feels more stress. This phenomenon is linked to an accumulation during the active period (stressful) many constraints whose consequences are felt rather at the time of complacency and effort on the part of our organization is a kind of decompensation with increase the sensitivity of our organization to the most common tasks.

Can you permanently cure stress?

When stress is experienced as a stimulus (a kind of doping), it is called positive and it can help to stimulate the functions of the individual who does not complain. However, from the moment that a constraint stress becomes boring and repetitive, it is best to remove and avoid. Even if the stress (or the difficulty) is not declared as a direct cause of disease, it is scientifically accepted as a risk factor in many diseases.

Ways to escape stress
To better manage stressful situations, there is much talk of the work of breathing, which helps restore the body awareness and breathing and cardiovascular smoother. For example, the principles of yoga, Qi Gong or even relaxation therapy can help control the body through breathing and concentration.

If the key is to regain self-control on the physical plane, it is also true for the mind. This is why it is essential to provide time for pleasure and recreation, whether it's yoga, dance, travel, meetings, painting, reading, knitting or choral singing.

Stress prevention through healthy lifestyles understood. Must still kind enough attention to yourself to find out what resources and revitalizes his person ...

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