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Food supplements In case of heavy legs

Supplements in case of heavy legs: What is it?

Food supplements in case of heavy legs are designed to strengthen the walls of veins and stimulating venous return, drain the water retention and swelling responsible to fight against the formation of free radicals (harmful substances to cells) secondary blood stasis.

Food supplements in case of heavy legs mainly use:

  • Plants venotonic (red wine, horse chestnut, witch hazel, holly, cassis, sweet clover, butcher's broom, ginkgo, cypress ...) according to different associations;
  • Draining and purifying plant (root, fennel, artichoke, horsetail, couch ...)
  • Herbal diuretics (hawkweed, cherry stems ...).

What is the difference between dietary supplements in case of heavy legs and venotonic drugs?

Food supplements in case of heavy legs from the herbal medicines are not in the same way that venotonic drugs (which are not reimbursed) who received clinical trials on their effectiveness.

What are the main constituents of food supplements in case of heavy legs?

The main constituents of food supplements for heavy legs are:
- Flavonoids and tannins venotonic plants;
- Vitamins C, E and PP plants venotonic;
- Assets of suckers and diuretic cleansing herbs;
- Essential fatty acids (omega 3 fatty acids, borage oil, evening primrose oil ...).

Supplements heavy legs Practical information

How do they supplements on heavy legs?

Dietary supplements herbal venotonic enhances the feeling of heavy legs, which is very often the first manifestation of venous insufficiency.

This improvement is related to the active principles of these plants venotonic:
- Flavonoids, substances with anti-inflammatory properties and increase the resistance of small capillaries (vessels for network skin);
- Tannins, some of which are rich in niacin which helps fight against venous insufficiency and capillary fragility, others have antioxidant properties that fight against the formation of free radicals;
- Polyphenols and certain antioxidant vitamins (A, C, E) are protective substances vessels.

Food supplements for heavy legs often associate:
- Diuretic and depurative plants that affect kidney function and promote the elimination of water;
- And essential fatty acids which facilitate the drainage of tissues.

What can we expect from supplements in case of heavy legs?

Food supplements in case of heavy legs have a beneficial effect on the tone of the vein wall, they reduce vascular permeability (which favors the passage of water in the tissues), providing better blood circulation back.

Taken regular courses of three months, they provide a satisfactory feeling of lightness and well-being improves circulation.

What should I be wary?

In case of heavy legs, you should be wary of inactivity, the heat, prolonged sitting positions, overweight, food industry increasingly processed and salted, heat, alcohol, salt and spices.

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