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Food supplements if memory disorders

Supplements in case of memory disorders: what is it?

Food supplements in case of memory disorders are useful in states of fatigue, stress, overwork, pressure of modern life, many factors that affect the performance of immediate memory: vacuum passages, forgetfulness, loss objects, forgetting names, names, memory lapses ...

These memory problems are often found from the fifties and with advancing age, the speed of nerve impulses responsible for transmitting information to the brain decreases from 10 to 30% from 50 years.

They can occur independently of a degenerative disease affecting the brain or complications of stroke.
To feed the brain

The brain needs oxygen and regular physical activity promotes oxygenation of brain cells.

Food supplements in case of memory disorders aim to provide the brain with the nutrients it needs, which promote metabolic exchanges in the circuits of neurons.

How can we improve memory?

The memory can be improved in several ways:

  • By providing energy supply to the brain's primary fuel: glucose supplied by the diet with simple carbohydrates (sugar and sweets) and complex (pasta, rice, bread, potatoes ...)
  • Providing elements tonic for the brain: calcium and phosphorus (milk and cheese), wheat germ, brewer's yeast and dried fruits;
  • Improving cerebral circulation, which promotes better nutrition of the brain, including ginkgo biloba and periwinkle, which have a beneficial effect on cerebral circulation;
  • Improving exchanges between brain cells - subcarences disturbed because of food-related current industrial and refined - with some micronutrients:
  • Vitamins A, C, E and some trace elements such as zinc, selenium have antioxidant effects (fight against cellular aging);
  • Vitamins B6, B9 and B12 help maintain cognitive functions (memory, concentration, reasoning);
  • oils oily fish, first cold pressed, rich in DHA (fatty acid derived essential fatty acids omega-3) is an essential element of the membranes surrounding nerve cells;
  • phospholipids, specific elements of brain cells that promote exchanges between neurons;
  • Stimulating the nervous system with stimulants such as guarana (a kind of substitute for coffee) and cola that promote alertness and concentration, and ginseng improves mental ability.
What is the role of dietary supplements?

Taking food supplements combining vitamins B6, B9, B12, zinc and selenium, gingko biloba, guarana and DHA help maintain memory, concentration and alertness.

Taking supplements rich in phospholipids may also be indicated in cases of memory disorders, including formulas based phosphatidylserine (soybean extract), which is a major component of brain cells.

Food Supplements: What should be wary?

Be wary of excessive intake of guarana and kola, which causes the same side effects as coffee.

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