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Caesarean section for disproportion Tips

"The After Cesarean"
After birth, the lift can be between 12 and 24 hours. During the first 24 postoperative hours a urinary catheter and intravenous analgesics are held in place. Moderate vaginal bleeding is commonplace during the postoperative period and can last up to four to five weeks, just like a natural childbirth.

The diet should be light the first days after the operation. The output is usually held between the 4th and 7th postoperative day. However, pain in the calves eg, bleeding, vomiting, fever should see a doctor.

Breastfeeding is absolutely not against inappropriate. Breast milk is later after a vaginal delivery, to the fourth or fifth day.

As for the return of menses after cesarean section, it occurs between the 6th and 7th week when not breastfeeding, 8th or 10th to otherwise. Sex and the gym are not recommended before four weeks postpartum, and violent sports before eight weeks.

All caesarean sections they follow the same procedure as the first following?

The process of a new CS (called iterative) is identical to the previous one. It does not cause disfigurement further since the surgeon uses the same incision. It is rare that the surgeon more difficulties due to adhesions caused by previous caesarean section at the abdominal wall of the intestine or even the bladder. The issue is sometimes more difficult when the placenta is inserted at the uterine scar after the previous cesarean section. Complications are postoperative slightly more common, as with any reoperation.

What are the risks of cesarean section?
Serious complications have become exceptional frequency: uterine bleeding, infection, bowel obstruction. In contrast hematoma at the wound and urinary tract infections are more common, easily treatable by current treatments.

The risk of maternal death due to caesarean section is multiplied by 2 to 5, compared to the natural childbirth. Caution, however, because in three or four cases, the cause of death is not the cesarean itself but the medical reason that justified.

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