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Breastfeeding Tips

What to do when you have too much (or not enough) milk?
True enough milk is rare. Most often, a setting in more frequent recovery of milk production after a few feedings necessary for the growth of the baby whose needs increase. A breast pump is often useful to encourage the body to produce more milk for the next feeding.

The abundance of milk can sometimes feed a baby more quickly and less frequently. It can also decrease milk production by proposing one breast per feeding, reducing the duration of breastfeeding, wearing nipple shields (silicone nipples) or by changing the position of the baby during breastfeeding.

What small sore breast?
Cracks are often caused by poor hygiene nipples (humidity, cradle cap ...), poor baby's position or poor suction. The baby must face the nipple in his mouth and take the nipple and most of the areola, because he sucks with the whole mouth, not with the lips alone.

His nose and chin should touch the breast, but must clear his nose so he could breathe, pinching a little breast. If cracks persist, seek advice, for example in the center of PMI. A specific emollient cream may reduce pain.

In case of congestion, the breasts are hard, tense, heavy. Milk seems not flow enough. To remedy this, you can massage the breasts with warm water to remove manually a little milk, but also put the baby more often or use a breast pump to drain the excess.

A milk duct can become blocked, part of the breast in question is red and painful. Improper position of the baby can be the cause. To unclog must massage the breast with warm water, put compresses (hot or cold) and Feed the baby rather painful side to clear all channels.

Candidiasis is a fungal infection breast intense pain in the nipples and breast. Appropriate treatment is administered by the doctor to the mother and child simultaneously to avoid contagion reciprocal "thrush". Nipple thoroughly dried after each feeding helps prevent candidiasis.

What are the cons-indications to breastfeeding?
The first formal indication-cons is the refusal of the mother should never force a mother to breastfeed, it is the mother-child relationship. A cons-indication is final but very rare congenital galactosemia in infants, a deficiency in enzyme required for the metabolism of galactose (made from milk).

Convert cons-indication, the breast cancer being treated. The opinion of the oncologist is essential to distance treatment prior to breastfeeding. It is anyway necessary before starting a pregnancy.
The cons-indications are temporary: the maternal consumption of a food-tasting baby refuses to suckle then, taking maternal toxic substances (alcohol, cannabis ...). Infection of breast engorgement (lymphangitis or abscess) excludes breastfeeding, but it must be emptied with a pump; contaminated milk is discarded.
Attention, many drugs are excreted in human milk, always seek advice from the doctor before exposure of the child.

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