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Anxiety Disorders Prevention and consultation

Is there a prevention possible?

There are no measures to prevent pathological anxiety but it is obvious that the more social, emotional is safe, secure itself and supporting while promoting access to autonomy, the more likely for anxiety are reduced.

Called secondary prevention is to not let anxiety become pervasive and debilitating for the subject.
Also, it is important not to trivialize too fast disorders and suggest a "small anxiolytic" is the only possible answer.

At what point consult the doctor?

More than the anxiety itself, these are the repercussions on the life of the subject, which are indicators of a pervasive, too intense.

In this case, it is important to consult a doctor immediately and without leave to settle certain behaviors to "self-treat" an abusive use of certain medications, alcohol or other consumption of psychoactive substances (eg cannabis), smoking, eating behavior disorders.

Anxiety can lead to social isolation, avoidance of situations anxiety (which trigger anxiety). Medical consultation is highly recommended here, possibly with the presence of a loved one.

Different classes of drugs (not just anxiolytics) and certain psychotherapies are highly effective solutions.
Only the doctor knows enough to use guide.

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