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Medical Term For Gangrene

Gangrene is the result from a stoppage of blood flow to a tissue, causing necrosis (death) of it usually locates members (mainly lower). However, gangrene of a viscus is also possible (lung, intestine, liver, etc.)..

The slough is another name for dry gangrene in which putrefaction is not intense and tissues appear very dark (mostly black) and dried. White gangrene is characterized by the appearance of plaques corresponding to plot the destruction of tissues whose color is colourless and appearance similar to that of milk. Gangrene moist gangrene is characterized by a process of putrefaction (tissue breakdown) predominant.

Following these mortification tissues (group of cells) or is not an infection. More precisely, the wet gangrene is characterized by tissue destruction due to bacterial infection reaching an area of ​​gangrene dried this time.

Wet gangrene may also occur after infection through a wound. The essential difference between the moist gangrene and dry gangrene is the presence, in the first case, oozing and swelling of tissues.

Gangrene Classification

There are several varieties of gangrene
  • Dry gangrene
  • Gas gangrene
  • The white
  • Wet gangrene

Gangrene: Complications of the disease

Of all the gangrene, gas gangrene has a poor prognosis.

Gangrene Treatment

It uses antibiotics and hyperbaric oxygen (oxygen delivery at high pressure). The removal of necrotic tissue (destroyed) is essential.

Gangrene: Prevention

Care of wounds, cleaning, general care is made to contribute effectively prevent the occurrence of gangrene in general.

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