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Medical Tests Recommended For Women in 40's

Three medical examinations important not to trivialize for more information on the Pap test, self-breast examination and thyroid!

Self-breast exam
At least once a month, you should perform a self-breast exam. For example, choose to always do a review after your shower during your period. If you look at just before your period and the following month after your period, it would be more normal to meet some differences. Your breasts will change appearance during a month depending on your hormonal cycle, which is why it is always good to review at the same time of your cycle.

Each breast is unique. Some women have one breast lumpy or thicker than others. What to look for is a change! So, you must know the normal consistency of our breasts before seeking an unusual. Get to know your breasts and then be able to detect bumps, lumps, changes in appearance or texture, thickening or pain that was not there before. Note that it is possible to feel pain in your breasts during menstruation or during pregnancy.

To help you make a personal map of your breasts to remind you of their normal appearance.

General Notes
It starts with the general appearance of the breasts and nipples to notice a change before you even touch them.

Then palpate her breasts standing and lying. Thus, changing position, the breast tissue moves you leaving the field open for review for completeness.
Three methods to examine the breasts: clock (movement along the nipple line), circle (turning around the nipple) or zigag (from left to right breast streaking on the breast) following these imaginary lines using small circular movements.
Some prefer to take the exam in the shower or in the bath, while the skin is wet. Fingers slide more easily and are thus more sensitive. You can also put the lotion or soap to combine business with pleasure!

It combines firmness and softness: it is necessary to adequately support without overdoing it.

We examine the entire surface, comparing breasts and varied positions.

Pap test
Furthermore, called vaginal cytology or pap smear, Pap test (or pap smear) is a simple test that aims to prevent cancer of the cervix. The doctor removes a speculum or a small brush a sample of cells on your cervix and analyzed in ess than five minutes, viola! unpleasant, but effective! Recent research shows that the Pap test and would prevent 90% of cancers of the cervix! Too bad that many women not systematically review each year.

Cervical cancer of the uterus is one of the few to be caused by a virus, the HPV (human papilloma virus), transmitted during sexual intercourse during skin contact with the genitals of an infected person. The virus - which is in about 100 different forms - is a very common sexually transmitted infection and also causes warts (hands, feet, vagina, anus, groin, thighs, testicles, penis, cervix, etc.)... Often up to 70% of sexually active women are infected without knowing it, because it causes no symptoms and does not get sick. Their bodies clear the virus without them realizing it! The development of cervical cancer is very slow: up to, 10 years may separate the infection and the onset of cancer. That is why the Pap test is so important! HPV changes the appearance of cervical cells. "Thus, a regular pap ensured early detection of any abnormal cells. The most common reason that explains the formation of cervical cancer in women is that the latter is not subject to a Pap test, "says the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada.

Thanks to the Pap test, experts check if the collected cells or lesions underwent changes (even before they develop into cancer). Thus, the test can detect early abnormalities. Therefore, presents negative normal cells. A positive result means that lesions were found, no mean, they are cancerous abnormalities those are present or cervical changes were noted. Your doctor will ask you to check back for further testing (colposcopy or biopsy). Collected prematurely, these pre-cancerous lesions are usually treatable without a problem.

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