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Fashion Tips For A Wedding In Pregnancy

Once, being pregnant was shocking for her wedding today is very common and trendy! No need to hide your figure, fewer plump and your fabulous breasts! To feel good and attractive during this special day, here are some tips to help you.

The wedding dress
The biggest challenge is to find the ideal dress that you wear in several months, and without knowing the size of your belly future.

  • The perfect dress should be made of fabrics that breathe.
  • Eliminate sections of lace stitching and do not choose a dress in a smaller size in order to look slimmer on your wedding. In sum, the key is simplicity and comfort.
  • At inadvisable: the frilly, sizes marked on the belly, flywheels and all the details that would overload the dress.
  • The choice of the most discerning and easy is unquestionably cut dress empire waist, which means that the size begins just below the bust and falls straight or slightly A-line to the bottom. Not only does this cut will save last minute touch-ups, but it will save you a lot of stress. This cut looks romantic and sexy at the same time when worn in bustier is very trendy now.
  • Another detail is optimizing a tie or ribbon that ties in the back. And you will enjoy all the space you need for your future belly and can adjust the size as you like without worrying about making alterations.
  • If you opt for tailoring, ask your tailor to provide stretch fabric panels at the waist for a form-fitting dress your body, therefore, is synonymous with comfort time of marriage.
  • If you are comfortable stripping your shoulders and wear a look like thunder, choose a strapless neckline or sunbathing.
  • White? When you're pregnant? Remember the stories of your grandmothers and wear white at your leisure! Now the bride has the freedom to choose white, cream or color of your choice. Obviously, stay away from very dark, austere and dramatic.

Accessories and colors
Like the simplicity of the dress is to honor, have fun with accessories: a hat, a pair of gloves, beautiful earrings, necklaces, bracelets ... Consult your stylist before the wedding to plan your hair and give you the services of a makeup artist. These small details will complement your outfit perfectly.

In addition, your choice of underwear is essential for the bride pregnant or not. The right bra will provide real support and will do justice to your beautiful dress. The same rule applies to panties and nylons.

Your feet are hurting you?
Since you will be standing a good part of the day and evening, choose fantastic shoes, but also really comfortable. I suggest a mid-high heel and slightly large for your safety and comfort. Ideally, your feet will swell throughout your pregnancy, so your shoe's shopping at the last minute and if your budget allows, choose two pairs one for the ceremony and the photos and the other for the evening and party!

Being pregnant is one of the greatest joys of your life, and immediately, you get married at the same time ... it's a fairy tale! They married, lived happily and had many children!

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