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Beware Of Sun Allergies

We keep talking about pollen, but the sun also may be responsible for allergies: summer, a rash of small called benign summer light eruption is nothing but a sun allergy seasonal.

The first episode occurs on the second or third day of the summer holidays, after sunbathing, exposure to prolonged and intense rays. The buttons appear first at the neckline. The rash lasts five to six days, then disappears spontaneously when the person remains in the shade.

In recent years, scholars have observed an actual increase as the number of polymorphous light eruption. An increase or a part of them attributed to the use of sunscreen products. According to them, since the appearance of "sunscreen," people expose themselves longer without fear of getting sunburn.

However, this sunburn is caused by ultraviolet B, UVB, which are filtered by the "sunscreen," unlike UVA, lucite solely responsible for the summer, which are only partially filtered. This exposure would be one explanation for the increase in cases of lucite.

Anyway, lucite is an allergy that worsens with time. Neckline, it gradually spreads to the forearms, arms and even faces. It lasts longer, sometimes for the entire vacation. After several years, among the most sensitive people, the rash may even occur during a single weekend of May, or be triggered by UVA tanning booth aesthetic.

How to behave? Once declared lucite, it takes more sun exposure at least for the duration of the eruption, wear on protected areas and do not hesitate to follow the treatment prescribed by the doctor against drug's inflammation and itching.

It is more appropriate to apply the guidelines for effective prevention. We must expose gradually for 20 to 30 minutes maximum on the first day and the hours when the sun is not too strong. This precaution applies for several years. It must be applied every day, even after tanning installed.

Furthermore, effective, sunscreens, at least that filter UVA and UVB. But beware! No need to put the first few days, or precisely when the sun shines. Just remember to apply once or twice, even on a cloudy day, so that the symptoms recur.

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