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Rumors of vaccine H1N1 are irresponsible

It says Ministry of Health.
False data about immunization against swine flu circulating by email.
Vaccine is 'safe and effective', reaffirms federal agency.

An avalanche of e-mails had been circulating saying that vaccination against the new flu could be a big conspiracy to reduce the population of the planet. The message conveyed further, saying that the vaccine contains toxic substances, the G1 was sent by dozens of readers.

The e-mail was sent to the Health Ministry, which denied the information. "Over 300 million people have been immunized with this vaccine in the Northern Hemisphere, without any serious side effect. The vaccine is effective, safe and protects the population, "the federal agency said in a statement sent to the G1. "E-mails and irresponsible rumors like these occur in all campaigns around the world."

One question that has preoccupied many pregnant women is whether the new vaccine can cause some type of malformation in babies. "There is no reports or evidence of fetal malformation due to Influenza H1N1 vaccine," said the ministry.

Show INCORRECT INFORMATION ON THE INTERNET that has been circulating.
See excerpts from e-mail spreading rumor that the new flu vaccine is toxic.
RUMOR: (...) about NOT taking this vaccine murder that is wanting to be compulsory think is Tamiflu.

CORRECT INFORMATION: Tamiflu is the name of the medicine used after the onset of illness, and not the name of the vaccine.
RUMOR: Mass vaccination is scheduled for early autumn there for you guys .. Whatever happens DO NOT take! She will triple.

CORRECT INFORMATION: The vaccination is being done in one step. For children who are between six months and two years of age incomplete (23 months) will be given half the dose and after 21 days the second half.

RUMOR: And according to the people who are working hard to prevent this mass genocide on the planet, she has mercury and squalene oil, which are highly toxic.

CORRECT INFORMATION: In fact, mercury is a toxic substance. According to the director of clinical trials at the Institute, however, "the amount of mercury that has this vaccine is very small and not considered harmful to people's health." The information was given in an interview with National Journal.

In relation to squalene, the Ministry of Health states that the substance does not harm health. "[The squalene] is removed from shark liver and the like. This is a super complement food, as well as cod-liver oil emulsion and Scott, "the ministry said in a statement sent to the G1.

CORRECT INFORMATION: The Institute is attached to the Department of Health, and does not maintain any facility.
RUMOR: (...) attempted mass murder of the people of the planet through compulsory vaccination (...)

CORRECT INFORMATION: In Brazil, as in many other countries, vaccination is optional and nobody is required to be immunized.
RUMOR: (...) the sale of a vaccine that was not tested.

CORRECT INFORMATION: According to the Ministry of Health, the new vaccine was developed based on common vaccine against influenza. The only difference would be the type of virus.

Private network
Private health institutions heard by G1 endorse the claims of the ministry. In São Paulo, the Syrian-Lebanese hospitals and Albert Einstein confirmed that applied in their professional vaccine distributed by the federal government - the same that is being used in the whole population.

Fear of vaccine
Panic and rumors in immunization campaigns are nothing new. In 1904, the population rebelled against a federal law that required people to get vaccinated.

Between 10 and 16 November of that year, the city - then the nation's capital - lived day war trams were overturned, uprooted rails, and barricades have been armed. The episode, called "Vaccine Revolt," marked the history of the First Republic. The disease was eradicated from Brazil in 1973, and in 1980, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared smallpox extinct.

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