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What Is Cholera Disease Definition (Signs and symptoms)


Cholera bacterium Vibrio cholerae, Pacini discovered in 1854 and coach in 1883 by lethal intestinal infection infectious disease caused by comma bacillus. Strictly limited to the human species, it has diarrhea, sudden and rich (gastroenteritis) caused by severe dehydration. The most classic form can cause death in more than half of the cases, in the absence of treatment (from a few hours for three days).

Contamination is oral, fecal, by drinking water or contaminated food. Cholera was the first disease pestilential to be, from the nineteenth century, international monitoring.

A few cases of cholera are counted each year; in most cases, the disease was contracted abroad; five cases of cholera were counted between Aboriginal in 1970 and 1996.

Signs and symptoms
The first symptoms of cholera are a diarrhea and painful vomiting of clear fluids. These symptoms occur in a lively manner, one to five days after ingestion of the bacterium. Diarrhea is described as having a sticky odor. An individual who is not treated can produce 10-20 liters of diarrhea a day with the inevitable result that is important.

Individual suffering from dehydration after cholera.

Cholera Other meanings:
The " fowl cholera "(and poultry) is due to a kind of germ Pasteurella, later named in honor of Louis Pasteur, not the germ Vibrio cholerae that causes cholera is classic.

Cholera fingers, or nightingale tanners, is a very painful ulceration affecting Tanners and Dressers.

Cholera infantum cholera-means enteritis, a disease affecting children of early age.
Cholera morbus is an appellation outdated, today it refers to a form of acute gastroenteritis due to Salmonella.

The expression is inherited scared of these periods of cholera, which caused cyanosis marked. Dehydration caused by cholera sometimes causing muscle contractions after death, Who hhadbelieved that people were still buried alive.

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